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Not that anyone EVER reads this, EVER, but I fixed the slow-loading issue. Many, many other issues still remain.

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You may say I'm a dreamer... (Matters of the Heart, 3263 views, 1 note) by Wildfire
There are days in which it seems as if I never got out of bed. Not because I didn't... but because what I did that day left utterly no imprint upon my life, much...   
Read the rest...    ( 1/20/11)
Also:The faintest whisper... by disillusioned(Deep Thoughts, 3/17/09)
 I'm no dragon. by disillusioned(Deep Thoughts, 7/27/08)
 The Hard Sell by disillusioned(Satire, 5/21/07)

Outside my window (Hide V & N) by Wildfire
It's a gorgeous day outside. From inside, I can see the peaks of the Catalina mountains. The mountainsides are just the tiniest tinge of green, fresh growth from all our winter rains. ...   
Read the rest...    ( 1/21/11, 0 notes, 1757 views)
Also:SO. I'm back. Wondering who else is still here. (N: 3 V: 2101) by noprotein  (10/22/08)
(N: 1 V: 1789)Marriage. by Wildfire  (9/25/08)
(N: 0 V: 2063)Truth is beauty, even at its most raw. by disillusioned  (9/13/08)
(N: 0 V: 1937)It's Good Times. by disillusioned  (12/9/07)

User Entries:Just A Random Thought... by depressional poet (8/17/09)
(Show More)A Sunday Sermon (Vision) by bondservant (3/25/09)
(N: 0 V: 1671)Apparition (Vision) by bondservant (3/4/09)
(N: 0 V: 1702)he who has my love. by flower maiden deux (12/22/08)
(N: 1 V: 1641)law and order. by flower maiden deux (12/20/08)
(N: 0 V: 1783)tantalizing misfortune. by flower maiden deux (12/19/08)
(N: 0 V: 2018)buffy can suck it. by flower maiden deux (12/18/08)
(N: 0 V: 1300)i miss my friends. by flower maiden deux (12/17/08)
(N: 0 V: 1414)wishes by delphian (10/16/08)
(N: 0 V: 1341)i dunno. by delphian (10/15/08)

Grey breakfast by bondservant
Never is there satisfaction with the grey of twilight--the thick, chewable grey. It can never satisfy because all it does is prophesy the coming of the red fire. But it is so easy to sit down at your kitchen table early in the morning and eat the a bowl full of grey. ...   Read the rest...    ( 4/14/04)

Accept no imitations... by The Architect
My, my, it's been awhile. I guess on one hand, it's nice that even with all the nasty code running this site, it's still stable and able to maintain itself for long periods of time without me popping under the hood. On the other hand, it's a little scary to realize that I've written so...   Read the rest...    ( 10/4/05)


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