by *Stellina
(651 views) - 11/20/03
(recorded 11/20/03 @ 7:14:15 AM)
That's Albanian for bonjour, which is French for gutentag (not sure of the spelling), which is German for goodmorning, which is English for morning, which is American for BUONGIORNO (Italian of course). I love laguages and was just trying to see how many ways I could say goodmorning. My day has started off well, and I pray it will remain well. I'm sure it will.

Only 4 weeks left to this semester...and only 2 of those weeks consists of classes. The other 2 are Thanksgiving and finals. I'm excited for Christmas because my Grandpa is taking us all (aunts, uncles, cousins) on a cruise to Mexico. It should be fun, especially since I've never been on a cruise before. It will help keep my mind off the fact that this is the first Christmas in 13 years that I haven't been in Italy.

Well, I'm off to class soon. I only have one class today, yay! God bless you bunches. Leave a note so I can visit your diaries too. Ciao belli!
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