technology hates you too
by enlite
(498 views) - 9/30/03
(recorded 9/30/03 @ 9:31:53 AM)
I had a big paper due at 9:15 today. So, as is the norm, my alarm clock didn't work and I didn't wake up until 9:00. Then I frantically scrambled to finish editing the paper and print it. Editing done, CTRL+P, print. . . . . . Print. . . . . . CTRL, P, print.

My computer says "File is printing" but my printer is saying, "Huh...wha? *yawn*". Jesus christ just print!

Nothing's printing so I get online to email my paper to my professor so he would know it was done on time and apologize for my gitty stupid printer. Right as I'm about to hit "send" my printer starts making noise. Thank god! The first page (which is actually the last page because I print in reverse, as everyone should) starts to print and it gets halfway and then stops. Just stops! What the hell??? Keep going! It sits there, makes some noise.....yeah....oh, okay, print? Sure... Then it finished the page. Thank god! And then it sits there. Nothing. GO GO GO! Hurry, I'm already late! ARGH! What, print? Oh, sorry, sure... *print page fifth page* Thank god! So the fifth page prints and then it stops and smiles at me and waits to be thanked and congratulated and maybe even rewared, with it's stupid happy grin, GOD I HATE YOU! KEEP PRINTING YOU BASTARD! Oh, sorry...*print page fourth page* Thank god! Don't stop this time! *print page third page* YES! Keep going! YOU CAN DO IT! *print page second page* Oh lord! It's almost done! . . . What? Why did you stop? AHHH! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! *room mate rolls over in bed, looks at clock, "oh no..." falls asleep* I WILL KILL YOU ALL. PRINT THE GODDAMN PAPER! Oh, more? Well...all right.. *print page first --- ah ah ah! hold on* WHAT? Finish it! Why didn't you finish the page??

I'm ten minutes late, this paper is shit, and you won't even finish printing it! Just GO! I WILL KILL EVERYONE. *print page first page* Thank God! *staple* grr.... *run run run*

So I made it to class 15 minutes late and turned in my paper and it sucked anyway but now today is just shitty. And my shower was long and enjoyable but when I got back to my room I saw my printer and it ruined my mood. I hate technology *type type type* I know, shut up.

Current Music: APC, "noose"

Nicole: "I just found a new song to commit suicide to!"
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Least you got the paper in I guess. Regardless printers suck in the worse way possible. And as for your current music... I'm more than just a little curious....

I love that song and that cd. It's stuck in my car stereo right now... I hate technology as well.

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