sitting outside PSY B172
by enlite
(510 views) - 9/24/03
(recorded 9/24/03 @ 1:15:27 PM)
I was waiting to rack up some psych experimental credit hours. The girl next to me was in a lengthy conversation with the guy next to her about how far she had to drive to come to school everyday. See, she lived in south-central phoenix and parked in lot 59. Lot of walking, apparently. She said she loved the 202, except for this one time last week when she got in a car accident. A speed limit sign was in the middle of the road, all bent to hell and repeatedly run-over. The driver in front of her didn't see it, ran it down, then she hit it. It tore up the bottom of her car, the muffler was hanging down, sparks everywhere, her gas line was torn out and spilled onto the street, her entire engine had to be replaced. She's lucky she didn't explode, she says. Then she talks endlessly about the hastle with the insurance and finally the price. Lot of money. The worst thing about it though, according to this little girl, was that she had just filled up with gas, and a whole tank spilled out onto the road. What a waste.

Some people need to get their priorities in line.

SIDENOTE: amazingly enough, I just looked out my window and saw someone get rear-ended right here on Apache and College Ave. Sweet.
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Whole entry is an eavesdropping record.. Stalker!

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   [noprotein (J:: M) 9/24/03 3:04 PM]

Yeah, I've lost two tanks of gas to cars catching on fire. My mustang and the F-150. The "worst part" for me was more a lack of comprehensive insurance, and getting nothing for the car's poor bout with flames...

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/24/03 6:17 PM]

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