It could've gone both ways
by enlite
(541 views) - 9/7/03
(recorded 9/7/03 @ 9:35:40 AM)
So, Saturday night came and went. It was one of those things that was either going to be really great or really shitty. Half and half, I'd say.

B and Evan sort of hooked up, and I won't deny that I instigated and facilitated most of that. Because of it, Phil sent them each a nice text message to the tune of "Fuck you. Don't call me." ... sorry Phil. Zach (who told Phil about Evan and B as soon as he got the chance) didn't get any, but after grabbing a bottle of JD, downing two or three ounces, and then dry heaving in a ridiculously audible fashion, no wonder. Thank you Chris, for coming and taking him home. The girl he was supposed to interlude with, Meredith, ended up falling asleep with Jeremy, who had been hit on all night by the host, Stephanie, who passed out by herself on the floor next to the bed. Meanwhile, Joel and Scotty and I egg on B and Evan who, too distracted by our random musings, bail into the other room, pillow and blanket and Jack Daniels in hand. Angela had a hard time dealing with everything, she and Scotty started fighting. Thankfully, as she sobered up a bit, she realized that being a bitch was pointless and lightened up. She and I fell asleep together on the bed. Me, I just enjoyed myself. Well, as much as I always do.

There's always a certain point at these parties when people start to hook up and, though I sometimes attempt, I always get left out. It's not that there aren't people there who would have some fun, but they aren't what I want. More to the point: they're girls. The lack of anyone even slightly alternative leaves me lonely at the end of a long drinking night. I can control myself from hitting on the boys, but then I don't even get lead on. Wow. That sounds desperate...

Now, I guess we wait and see. It was certainly a momentous event, and I lot of things changed. Hopefully for the best, but that depends on whether or not we've all, as Josh Baxley so brilliantly slurred, "whether we've fucking grown up yet".
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I'm one of those always-there-for-those-that-need me types, especially for driving someone... (At least let me finish my milkshake though, Zach! ;-)

I'm sorry there aren't more "opportunities" better suited towards your tastes... I heard there was a lot of encouragement for Zach to give it a spin... But yeah...

Speaking of, I'm glad Zach came to terms with you and stopped hating you... I know you totally used to hate me, but that's cool- I was a dick in... ninth and tenth grade... and that may not be all-inclusive.

It was nice chatting with you again though; cool to see you're into web dev and the same... We'll chat again sometime, assuredly... Glad you had a decent evening.
   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/7/03 12:58 PM]

Sorry about the dry heaving. I took the Jack after Meredith left the house being pissed and all. It was probably just a bit too early for me to be drinking after totally trashing myself in a week. Usually a good two to three after near death levels allows me to hold back my gag reflexes. Anyway thanks for trying for the night, and being drunk and pissed I unfortuanetly and sadly told the whole Evan- B saga. I'm not sure what time I did that or when though.....

   [Diffused (J) 9/7/03 3:36 PM]

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