tantalizing misfortune.
by flower maiden deux
(1828 views) - 12/19/08
(recorded 12/19/08 @ 2:25:14 AM)
the darkness slithers across my skin like a snake, just as silent and quick yet utterly unmistakable. flashing of inky light catch my attention, but only lasting long enough to do so - disappearing before i have a chance to see their cause. skin prickles in warning at contact, belying your glamorous smile. oculars are meant to sparkle and shine, showing inner beauty and righteousness, stay at a constant drab shade, uncommon for the spectacular blue. lips cause blood to churn whilst heart misses beats, but the mind never stops forging thoughts, never stops shifting through the feelings and emotions caused by you presence. not because you are mine nor because i think you're more than anything, but because your being hides something that seems to be coated with a fine layer of malice. i should get away yet the only answers i can get come from masticating the radiance you offer. all i can do is pluck information from you like petals from a daisy.
"is he dangerous?... is he not ... is he dangerous? ... is he not...."
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