It's Good Times.
by disillusioned
(1997 views) - 12/9/07
(recorded 12/9/07 @ 3:28:40 AM)
Sometimes, I wish I could write more. There's never a good reason not to, but I hardly ever do anymore.

I used to be able to use my journal as a nice timeline of my life's events. Lots of things are happening, lots of things are changing.

I'm up at the cottage. Strawberry had its first snow of the winter and we were up to see it. A pleasant surprise. I love the winter. I love snow. I love overcast days and the cold. So I'm glad that I have a place where I can still experience that without having to drive too terribly far.

This weekend has been crazy. Lots of food, fire pit times, snow, freezing coldness, biscuits and a lot of Wii. It's good times.
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