a thousand lights going off in my head
by sound affects
(909 views) - 7/16/07
(recorded 7/16/07 @ 11:26:44 PM)
Hola, I am at Coffee Rush in Gilbert. It's my summer hangout space, even if "hangout" just means "me and my laptop".

The rain still hasn't made it all the way this far south, but it's on its way. Lightning and wind and the temperature dropping a good twenty degrees. Holy crap. I love this. After weeks of nothing but sunshine and inescapable heat, finally - some variety, some excitement. It's a relief to know that I'm not the only fool sitting out here with a laptop. There may be lightning bolts popping up every twenty seconds on the horizon, but the weather is just so damn invigorating.

This week has been crazy stressful, between driving to Scottsdale for class every morning (ugh so sick of the 101) and trying to sort out the housing situation for myself and my roommates. It's basically all my responsibility so yeah, weight of the goddamn world on my shoulders. But, I do feel proud of myself for pulling it all together. I'm the one in charge, the leader, breaking out of the usual "worthless flake" role. How cool.

You know how, before the start of every school year, everything is just so promising and filled with possibility? Well, I think I'm about ready to burst from sheer glee. Let's see: upper-level drawing and painting classes with scary awesome professors, living with my best friend and work starting again soon - making coffee and making money, woo hoo. Okay, issues will pop up soon enough, and it'll take a lot of work to make sure that it all doesn't fall around my ears, but it promises to be extremely rewarding.

AND because rent is so cheap, I can sock away that much more money for summer adventures. Maybe I really will go to Tasmania, who knows?

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