You get so alone sometimes, it just makes sense...
by disillusioned
(836 views) - 12/26/06
(recorded 12/26/06 @ 2:51:28 AM)
I usually love Christmas.

I enjoy the sentiment, and I like the concept of a season that changes people's routines. I think that if we didn't have something substantial to rally around and mix things up, we'd be a lot more boring. No one requires you to believe in Jesus or anything, but why not get cool stuff, a few vacation days and some nice lights to look at out of the deal?

It's curious that the holidays can be the most lonely times. I'm not even that terribly lonely, and I still feel like it wouldn't take much to make me sad. Yet, I'm strangely content this year. I think it's because I have a lot going on, and a lot to look forward to. I've been focused on planning out a lot, and so it leaves me with a decent stream of things to anticipate, and things to be excited about.

I'm definitely very fortunate. I have good friends, a cool job and some really great times and the privilege to travel bunches. The rest will fall into place in time, methinks.

Speaking of travel, I'm off to Vegas on Jan. 7 for CES 2007. We're staying at the Paris this year, so that'll be a lot of fun, and probably *very* busy.

Then, I leave from Vegas and head up to New York, where I'll rendezvous with Tony the next day. We're going to have some fun bouncing around Manhattan for a bit before going to see Butley, Nathan Lane's play. Home again the following Sunday, and that's all the forseeable travel I've got...

I wish I knew where things stood with a few things in my life, but figuring it out as you go along is half the fun, I suppose. I'm just taking it as it comes, because there really doesn't seem to me a more logical approach.

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chris, take me to CES, I'm portable and not all that much fuss. please?!

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