by disillusioned
(735 views) - 11/27/06
(recorded 11/27/06 @ 2:27:00 AM)
This week was absolutely incredible.

I got to:
Hold/kiss a stingray
Win a hand of poker with my first royal flush
Visit one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world
Snorkel near coral reefs near said beach
Scuba dive the remains of a French fort and abandoned submarine
Drink Petron, then a "Surfer on Acid" (Jager, Pineapple, Malibu), then SoCo + Lime + Peach Schnapps... then Miller Lite with a shot of Amaretto (supposed to taste like Dr. Pepper. Not. Easy. To. Chug. for someone who dislikes beer.) oh, and a round of Kamikazes.
There was also amazing food, some great shows, some VERY fun poker (even though it was limit), a lot more food, and the perpetual feeling of rocking, even now, 24 hours later.

There are pictures and even video to be had. (The Carnival video crew joined us on the Stingray excursion, and filmed us holding the stingrays. In a word? Badass.)

Today was rough, since I went to bed at 5 am after drinking all of the above in the course of 15 minutes. And woke up at 6 am. After disembarking, we drove to Miami Airport's Alamo to pick up a car. Which we drove to the Orlando Airport—by far, the nicest airport I've seen, really, ever. From Orlando, it was off to Kansas City, which provided us with a stark contrast; we actually had to go back through security even though our connecting flight was only 5 gates over... something about them not having a true "concourse' or what have you. Ridiculously ghetto. From Kansas City, we bounced to Albuquerque and finally, home.

It was amazing all around, though. Must. Do. Again.
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