Prelude to a better month
by disillusioned
(779 views) - 11/6/06
(recorded 11/6/06 @ 4:46:07 AM)
Last month was probably the worst month of my life.

One friend put it pretty simply: "You went through five years worth of stress. You weren't at your best."

Indeed, I wasn't.

A few personal relationships have taken a hit, and while I sincerely hope (and believe) they'll bounce back, I know that I wasn't myself, through and through. And I apologize for that, to whomever it may concern.

I also wanted to thank everyone who was there for me during the last month. You all know who you are, mostly because all of you played some role. I truly appreciate it—friends like you make those times bearable, when nothing seems like it should be.

This month should prove better. Black October is behind me, and November means Seattle, E. Caribbean cruise, and hopefully hiring at least one full-timer on, amongst a few other crazy developments. I want to do what I can to see some of the fallout from last month repaired and such, but I think I need to relax on that front and simply not try too hard. Let the chips fall where they may, and know that things will work out.

I'm deathly tired right now—so much so that I'm slumped down in my chair. I'll be crawling into bed shortly, but sometimes the world likes to know what's happening with you and so sometimes I write in here. And sometimes, I just like to keep a record of it for myself.

Here's to a better month, by leaps and bounds.
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