O'Hare, and the good times won't stop...
by disillusioned
(783 views) - 10/28/06
(recorded 10/28/06 @ 12:22:09 PM)
Two weeks, three deaths. My grandfather had a stroke, and we returned home from the funeral to find our beloved dog Cisco on his last. He died about 20 minutes later.

Monday evening, my grandmother on my dad's side died. So we're at Chicago O'Hare, from what was originally a 6:55a through 4:00p PHX-ORP-EWR flight into Newark.

Instead, our one hour layover at O'Hare has turned into a 4 hour layover. The fun just won't stop coming this week.

Add to that a lot of craziness with work, and I find myself just ready to tap out. Work is exciting, though, so that's not horrible. But not having my dog anymore is rough, and having had to watch him and hold him while he died in the back of the Suburban on the way to the vet was definitely the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Now, I'm having the fun opportunity of sampling six flavors of parenting. Nature versus nurture are really having it out here, from the calm, "Jackson, stop that." over and over, while Jackson continues screaming and punching the chair, to the child who's just allowed to bang a spoon into the metal, load-bearing pillar, but only in threes, so it's just annoying enough.

Our gate is at one of the tarmac access doors, and guess what? It's cold in Chi-town in October. So every time someone goes out, and oh, it's often, a gust of insane wind comes in and reminds me that it's time to buy a jacket.

I decided to bite the bullet and pay the $6 for internet access, because it's reasonable and because I'm here for 4 hours. Oh, and because I left my copy of Business 2.0 in my suitcase. Great, that.

Tomorrow promises to be utterly macabre, with my father insisting we stay at the viewing from 1-4 and from 6-9. I'm going to veto that, on one of many principles, as best I can.

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