you want a revolution? (yeah, yeah)
by marinette
(504 views) - 10/18/06
(recorded 10/18/06 @ 9:10:09 AM)
was just killing some time surfing the sailor jerry website. am just.. so upset. not looking forward to the life that i will lead. all the real "stuff" of life is (i fear) gone. all the revolutions are gone. people are too fucking complacent and apathetic in today's society. no one gives a shit about making change, no one gives a shit when the country's being run by idiots, everybody just sits back and watches terrible things happen to this world and hopes they will be dead by the time the shit really hits the fan. all the real adventures are gone. what great things are left in this world for our generation to experience or do? i know this is one long rant and probably doesnt make much sense. but im pissed off about a lot of things. and they dont all go together. it just seems like life was so much more real, so much more authentic, "back then." there was adventure in being a sailor. traveling the world. inventing a new culture. everybody today is so fucking jaded. theres nothing exciting or authentic left for us. that is why all old things become new again. we get our highs riding on the coattails of a better time. how long can this last? when adventure, discovery, revolution, self-reflection, self-invention, give way to complete and utter lack of care, what comes next? can we become so pathetically, prematurely jaded that we fall back into some better state of being? is that possible? will i be dead by the time it happens?

i am so afraid that i will die without ever having lived.
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Well i guarantee you sitting in a dark room writing about how jaded our society is will *not* constitute living nor will it help your otherwise cheerful personality.

It is easy to be upset and pissed off. It is easy to be the one who swings back. It is easy to complain and think. It is difficult to move forward, to make the necessary changes, to take a punch without reacting, to smile.

Writing a sentence like "everybody today is so fucking jaded" just furthers the point you're trying to prove and are so upset about. Therefore, this entry spreads such resentment and discontent.

I do them too, which is why I get it however I too am guilty. Every generation thinks they've had it the toughest and it was always brighter in years past. The sun always shines in our eyes and the grass is always greener somewhere else.

Unfortunately I believe it is in our nature to be in a permanent state of discontent. Ironically, it means we're never truly happy BUT it is that longing, that emptiness which pushes us along as a people and culture.

---The rest of what i had to say was deleted because of the shoutbox constantly refreshing. Fucking disbot@!

Anyway, it's important to realize there will always be more things to do, more people to meet, more places to explore.

Don't give up hope because it's definately all we really have to live for. 200 years ago, men said whatever is to be, has already been. And we know very will this to be - shite-. So smile, open up your door, walk outside, stare up at the sky and breathe for tomorrow will be a new day and hold many more adventures.

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