patron saint of toilet plungers
by marinette
(621 views) - 9/25/06
(recorded 9/25/06 @ 11:06:52 AM)
the secretary of the honors department sent everyone in the program a forward entitled "mother theresa's prayer." just trying to spread the love, i'm sure. it bugged me. but nowadays i am bugged more by the fact that i can't figure out where i stand on the whole spirituality spectrum than by having organized religion thrust in my face everywhere i turn. the extent of my belief in an undetermined higher power is yet to be established. how can one believe anything whole-heartedly without a shred of proof? and what about the ever-so-popular organized religion? human beings write down what they believe to be the word of "god" and everyone is expected to follow it because it's old? sometimes even abandon their own sense of morality for the sake of the church? how convenient, to not have to think for yourself. it is hard to determine how to feel about a belief that people both kill for and live for. it inspires some to compassion... and others to genocide. is it good or evil?

in other news, someone left new toilet plungers on all of our doormats. not really sure why.
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it is both. just like we are. ying and yang. this is the world in which we live in. it has been the way long before and will be long after... unless we destroy it in the process.

happy plungering

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