Sleeping to the thunder
by disillusioned
(785 views) - 8/9/06
(recorded 8/9/06 @ 4:13:21 AM)
It's four am, and thundering outside, lightly. It's a silly thing the desert does to you—makes you truly find comfort in something like thunder.

This month has been a nice one for rain, for once. Up north, it's rained pretty much every day or so for the last month, and it's absolutely gorgeous: rain where it's not 100°.

Oh, and there was just a bit of a flicker in the lights, so I may not be able to finish this if the storm has its way.

Things are going very well for me. I'm off to Vegas for a quick one-night, celebrating the 21st a bit late with Luke. It'll be good times.

September brings Michigan for a week. I'm looking forward to that, because I have an entire gaggle of cousins, and they're a lot of fun. Plus, you know, White Castle.

Business is business as usual. I have about two million ideas in my head, and I'm at least making progress writing them down somewhere, but I'm really wanting to just bring them to the next level and complete the next step. That's the goal for the next year or two, along with getting a house.

I'm buying Nate's snare drum—a gorgeous $700 drum that he's letting go for $300.

I'm working my way through a few books, notably 1984, Animal Farm, On The Road, Getting Things Done and Eats, Shoots and Leaves, though Alison insists I'll lose interest in the latter. I'm not sure I doubt her. It *is* a book about punctuation.

And that's about all I have to say right now. I'm off to sleep to the thunder, because the opportunity really doesn't come by often enough.
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I've heard that Shoots and Leaves is actually quite funny. It's also been recommended to me, not that that means much. But, I have heard that it is very good.

   [Esperando (J:: M) 8/9/06 10:30 AM]

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