*light bulb*
by Surreality
(507 views) - 7/31/06
(recorded 7/31/06 @ 11:41:55 AM)
Butter + jam + bagel...

It's been another great week. The days go by so fast, almost too fast. It has yet to hit me that whatever I do now will set me up for the rest of my life; Or maybe it already has, and that's why I hesitate out of fear of making a wrong choice. I'll have to make some kind of a decision soon.

Friday night was amazing. I'm usually so tense and self-conscious when there's a possibility that people might be watching me, but that night I just let loose. I had such a great time. I wonder what is causing these changes in me? Maybe the new guy in my life...?
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you seem somewhat familar, have I threatened you before?

originality is the act of hiding ones resources.
   [delphian (J) 7/31/06 11:56 AM]

Mmm, trolls--.

Just sayin'.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 8/3/06 2:18 PM]

Troll? Me? :(

   [Surreality (J) 8/5/06 1:07 PM]

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