Blueberries and other awesomes
by disillusioned
(816 views) - 7/31/06
(recorded 7/31/06 @ 3:43:03 AM)
I'm dead tired and on a mission to sleep before 4 am. (Shut up.)

Suffice to say, this weekend was absolutely great. There was rain, money lost at limit-hold'em at the Payson casino, great times with my great girlfriend, great times with my great non-girl friends, blueberry pancakes, fires in our absolutely awesome in-deck fire pit, s'mores, roasted over said fire in said fire pit, trivial pursuit games that lasted far too long because I wanted to stretch it out another 20 minutes, and a whole lot of arrested development, which was fantastic, because it meant my Zen could play back video perfectly and make me happy.

This was the first weekend up at the cottage for purely recreational purposes without the parents, which was nice.

It would've also been nice if there was hookah, but a tragic oversight (no bowl) kept that from happening. No worries, but sad nonetheless.

There was also tasty chicken, burgers, brats, mac 'n' cheese, cream soda, pie, ice cream and... sweet jesus, lets not ever list all the things we ate in a 48 hour period like that ever again.

Anyway, thanks to Zach and Evan for being good times, and to the girl for making the weekend absolutely double plus good.

This was fantastic, and it's because of great friends. :-) (The food doesn't hurt, thought.)

The rest of you: your time will come. If you received an invite and bailed, mleh to you. But I understand. Many more to come.
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You own a cabin in the Payson area?

   [Surreality (J) 7/31/06 10:38 AM]

As *a* girl, the frequent allusions to "the girl" irritate the heck out of me. Can you at least give her a pseudonym? Like...Suzie?

-"And to Suzie for making the weekend double plus good."
-"Out with Suzie."
-"Dinner with Suzie."

Yes, that sounds much more personal....It's the mini-feminist in me who's crying out for equality. We have names too.....


   [Esperando (J:: M) 7/31/06 4:16 PM]

"The girl"'s name is Alison. I keep referring to her as "the girl" so as to keep a level of anonymity and not look as other weird entries with s.o. names spelt out explicitly look, which is, to say, somewhat obnoxious. It's not a mysognistic ideal or anything, just force of habit.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 8/3/06 5:38 AM]

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