Curiously Uninteresting. (What else is new...)
by disillusioned
(761 views) - 7/22/06
(recorded 7/22/06 @ 7:02:49 AM)
Lots has happened lately.

My cruise control switch died in my car about a month or two ago. It sucks, because I use cruise control a *lot*. (See: not garnering yet another criminal speeding ticket.) Especially up to Strawberry and any other long hauls. Anyway, the new piece was $65 and $55 for labor. I found the piece for $20 on Ebay. Done and done.

I brought it in today, and the replacement process was quick. On my way out, I notice that my mirrors aren't going up and left anymore. (Cruise/fog light/mirror is in the same fixture.) Tragically, I adjust myself down and right into a corner, unable to see anything. Not good.

Call up dealership, but since the part was customer-supplied, it's up to me to supply a new part and more labor, since the labor isn't covered. Me: panic.

Now, instead of saving $45 on the part, I'm now spending $20 on the first part, $55 on the labor, and another $65 on the second part and $55 *more* on labor. This is about as counterintuitive as things get, and really unfortunately, since the unit looked completely intact.

Then, brilliance strikes; a rare moment for me: the mirror switch from my old piece worked perfectly. Dealership guy tells me to swing on by, has his tech step out and swap just that piece, and hands me the keys. Makes the $8 I spent on the technical manual worth it, since it was what showed me the pieces were all separate.

A ramble about a minutiae car part, I know, but I'm just happy I dodged that expensive bullet.

In further boring you, there were some interesting developments at another of my little web properties, Loves Threadless. Threadless began censoring people from posting about competitor sites on their blog. No good, that. One of their chief bloggers has effectively defected, heading over to LT now.

(Threadless is a tightly-knit, but very passionate community, sorta like... OIO... was... times... 200.) So said blogger and I were discussing things, along with his position at Microsoft. And in our conversation, he... offered me a bit of a job. In so many words said, "so what do you want to do at Microsoft? Name it, and I'll work to get you there."

I stammered out an "lol," both flattered and confused at the same time, especially because I quickly realized he wasn't kidding around.


Business is going great, but the fact that someone sees value in me to offer me a Microsoft position is an incredible thing for me. It's completely vindicating and absolutely awesome. Even if I won't be taking the offer just yet, it's an amazing fallback to have, and he's a great resource (and an amazing guy as well—he really cares about the people in the communities he joins and works with.)

Oh, and I'm developing the web site for Streamer's Ice Cream Parlor. Heh.

That's all for now.

My birthday is tomorrow. Tonight at midnight, there will be drinkery. Call for details, or ping me online.
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