It's ridiculous, really...
by disillusioned
(831 views) - 6/7/06
(recorded 6/7/06 @ 3:52:02 AM)
So, somehow I'm still up. I went to bed almost this exact time 24 hours ago, just as the power went out. Which managed to keep me up another 20 minutes. (I like my white noise!)

Fast forward to 7:30 am. Yet again, I find myself waking up with no alarm or noise to speak of, completely in between REM cycles and thus, not at all tired. Which means not at all able to easily fall back asleep. I needed to be at a meeting by 10, so I got up to tie up some loose ends as far as that was concerned.

Whatever's ever. I get to the meeting, we meet, and get a lot done. That's nice, considering it's in North Scottsdale, and if I'm going to take the 60 East to the 101 North to Scottsdale Road, you can bet damn sure I want something to get accomplished, billable time or not. We had lunch after the meeting at the White Chocolate Grill, which was good, too.

On my way back to the office, I picked up Edgar and took him into work with me. All last week, I was on-site at the office to hold down the fort while Lars milled around in the Carribbean. Good times.

I just put down about $2,100 on my $2,500 car loan, and paid off the $500 on my Platinum card that was nagging me with some extra cash I had around, leaving me damn near broke, but very fortunately close to being completely out of debt. I'm spending about $200-$400 on "debt-related" payments a month right now, and even the car loan pay-off will save me $700 that I owed in interest, for paying down the principal so quickly. But you don't really care.

Business has been busy busy. We met with a potential sales guy who's going to throw us some more leads, and we're pursuing some things with Bob's work itself.

I still need to do a proper post about Seattle, but it was a great time spent with a lot of nerds and put on the company credit card, so, for a trip planned and purchased four days before departure, we didn't do bad at $900 for the two of us including airfare, two nights hotel, and about four *nice* meals, in addition to the Space Needle and Seattle Aquarium gigs. The next event (they're called Mind Camps) they we'll hit up should happen in November, which I'm looking forward to.

Apparently, I'm going to Vegas with Luke on August 12th. I can't complain. In fact, I'm incredibly excited.

Things with the girl are going tres fantastic. She's all sorts of awesome for all sorts of reasons, even though I'm not letting her know what all those reasons are. (It keeps her on her toes.) Suffice to say, I'm definitely enjoying things.

E3 was a blast. Playing the new Nintendo Wii system was great, though the PS3 sucked pretty hard. I know which I'll be buying.

The deck is complete up at Strawberry, and a special, awesome thanks go out to Nate, Tony, Zach, Evan, Danielle and Luke for their amazing awesomeness. They worked their asses off (especially Luke, who had put in a full four weekends before anyone else, and Tony, who took the role of foreman, though Zach and Evan truly kicked cutting-crew ass, too. Everyone was amazing, really.) and the deck is gorgeous. Expect some amazing BBQ fun nights to be had up there once everyone comes back. There's a grill, full kitchen, cable and internet, (as of this coming weekend) amazing deck, telescope, fire pit and some other neat times we're working on. It's going to be fantastic for us, and I'm very excited about it. As it is, we'll see when I go up next, but it could be this weekend or next...

I wasn't kidding when I said work was getting busy. We're making money, we're moving neat deals and we're building this more and more towards the career ideal. Very cool, exciting, and exactly what we've wanted all along. Even *more* to come, because that's just how we roll...

Oh, and I'm also going to Michigan in September. Remember, kids: if anyone wants to go on a trip somewhere and needs a companion, it doesn't take much to convince me to join in. I usually have just enough scratch for a ticket and I can work from anywhere, so the job's not a problem. I'd say this year's not quite on pace for the amazingness of last year, but Seattle, Las Vegas, Vegas again, LA for E3, Michigan and maybe New York isn't a bad showing at all. Definitely need more fundage for something overseas, but it'll happen eventually. Oh, and the family's theoretically planning a cruise, but that's really quite theoretical.

I can't feel the left side of my right foot. Haven't been able to for a couple of months now. Weird, huh?

Oh, Rhapsody (Free Trial) and Pandora make me exceedingly happy. Pandora is a free internet radio station that will stream the high quality tunes of bands *you* tell it you like, from anything to anything. And then a ton of new and upcoming music you've never heard of based around your preferences. It's amazing. Rhapsody is a kick-ass music subscription service, where you throw them $15 a month for unlimited downloads.

The whole downloads idea is cool, but the streaming idea totally appeals to me. Instead of taking up my disk space, I just build play lists that I can take to any computer with Rhapsody or a browser installed, and it starts to play my playlists just like Winamp, except that it grabs the music on the fly. Way sweet, that. Plus, the ability to pick up any new music I hear, instantly and in unlimited quantites is pretty hot.

Some other stuff's been going on, but nothing too terribly fancy.

That's all for now. Pictures when I get around to it.

People I miss:
Tim, Lindsay, Tony. Come back, wankers.
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