The 'happens twice a year' entry about classes and stuff
by enlite
(671 views) - 1/28/06
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Well, I talk about it every semester, so here it goes again. Spin the wheel folks, it's time to learn about random ASU classes and why I like them.

*whirrrrrrr click click*

SOC 207: Racial and Ethical Relationships in America!

Who doesn't love a course dedicated to exposing the truth about race: there is none! Whether you're a bigot or a Nazi, you should probably be in on the secret (shhh, don't tell those finicky religious weirdoes): race is irrelevant, and, in fact, a really stupid classification white people made to keep power. Whoops, genetics won. What?!? People who for thousands of years lived where the sun is more intense (uh, the equator = Africa) got darker to cope? CRAZY! White people (often called "ice people") are silly. What can be a valid form of discrimination is anything based on lineage or geography. Don't worry, we whiteys will figure out a way to keep The Man up and the minorities down by rearranging some words. It's an American tradition!

Let's have another!

*whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr click click*

PHI 306: Applied Ethics and Morals!

So you think you have an opinion, oh boy, here we go. Instead of letting you rant on and on and on about how you think society has a responsibility for its citizens and abortion is violating some public virtue that somehow overrides a parent's decision to choose what is best for their children (you know, instead of raising a crack baby with an abusive convict husband and your job as a stripper that's "just temporary until you get back on your feet", you do the humane thing and NOT have a child), the professor (DOCTOR PROFESSOR) will cut you off and accuse you of being a Pacifist asshole. Oh, and if that doesn't get you out of your seat, there are dozens of off the wall examples to prove why any idea you have is stupid. I heart people who just found out they're stupid; they're adorable in their shock, disappointment, and, on occasion, suicidal/homicidal rage.

The fun doesn't stop there!

*whirrr-rrrr-rrr-rrrrr clickclickclickclickclick*

REL 394: Religion and Psychology!

First off, old Jewish women are adorable, and that's a fact. This class is about how religion, without dishonoring any of the things you believe, has e v o l v e d (by adding spaces I didn't actually say the "e" word that starts so many in a frenzy) into what today has influenced the life of 97% of Americans (this figure being the number of Americans who say they believe in God, regardless of which or why). It's not about disproving, or making insignificant or invalid or confirming unbelievability or anything negative—that's not the purpose of psychology of religion (#36 on the list of APA's over 50 different sects of psychology)—it's about understanding why humans feel so connected to ideas of greater things. It's hard for me to explain without my bias pouring through *like a river through a plastic bag* but I hope you can get the idea. What will I learn from this class: just exactly why people buy into all the things I think are silly and illogical. Maybe I won't, but hey, I'm trying to understand.

Okay kiddos, it's time for the bonus round. These classes are actually major-related.

*whirrrrrrr click click*

PSY 443: Abnormal Child Psychology!

Nothing too exciting, mostly just looking at the course of development through childhood and the pathways to unfortunate behavior. UNFORTUNATE? Yes, like smearing poo on walls, trying to kill your parents with Grandad's machete, and the usual (ADHD, conduct-, antisocial-, and personality-disorders. You know, old hat).

And for the win...

*whirrrrrrr clunk*

PSY 341: Developmental Psychology!

Exactly the same as Ab. Child Psych.

Well, that's the game folks! Join us in September when we find out which random ASU courses will be taken just for the hell of it!

*them song*

Good night!
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