Wonder why I'm so caught off guard, when we kiss...
by disillusioned
(694 views) - 11/27/05
(recorded 11/27/05 @ 8:20:10 AM)
There are times when I'd really like to write, but what I want to say doesn't come out how I'd like. That is, to say, at all interesting. And while most entries discuss what goings on have occured in my life, I try to sprinkle them with at least some concept of humor and perhaps a bit of a hook. Because no one wants to read about the most mundane details, really.

The problem is that there come times when I'm just not feeling quite-so-frisky and so a lot of time goes by without my getting anything of merit down.

To avoid that, let's do this. I'm going to continue to write. If you dislike it, go somewhere else.

Now that that's out of the way, let it be said that this Thanksgiving was a lot of fun indeed. There were great times with great food and great friends and a lot of fun games—I haven't played Settlers of Catan for a long time, but when you play it with two strategic genius types, (both of whom love and excel at Diplomacy and Acquire and all of these other bookshelf games I won't even profess to know) you're truly in for a good time. Stevie also held his ground surprisingly well. In fact, it'd be difficult to claim he was the weakest.

The game started with my position landlocked and without resources. Which isn't fun at all. Several turns passed without me catching a break, until I finally cornered a few resources, multiplied my luck and built up just right. By the end, all three of my opponents were conspiring on ways to sabotage my inevitable victory.

Then there was Trivial Pursuit. We played the new pop culture/hybrid-DVD version, which was actually pretty fun. I normally suck at Trivial Pursuit, but I sat in and answered the first three questions correctly right off the bat. Later in the game, I pulled some completely bizarre answers out of nowhere. Example, category Sports: "What modern hybrid game uses the motto 'The battle is won in the rink, the war is won on the board.'" Yeah. My only guess was something so audacious as Chesskickboxing. And much to my chagrin, the correct answer was, indeed, Chessboxing. I added the kick for, well, kicks, but that was too much, and the point didn't count. Either way, let's all pause and reflect about the spectacle such a sport would be... Mm, yes.

Now, to fire off some things that really made this weekend great:
  • My new wallpaper. It's one of my favorite pictures—one I took from New York. It turned out beautifully, and the more I look at it, the more I'm captivated by that view. I'm glad I captured it thusly. It really is gorgeous.
  • Being told that I'd be a reason people would move somewhere in my proximity. "We're likely going to end up someplace near you, you know. We couldn't live without you." (Paraphrasing, but wow.)
  • Good hookah. Relatively.
  • A break from the regular millings.
  • Heightened interest in other areas of my life. (Could I *be* any more vague?)
  • Good plans developed with Bob.
  • Finding good music. Or, rather, more good music.
  • Great food, all around.
  • Listening to my winter songs... There are a few CDs that I associate strongly with last winter. When I'd curl up into my ugly, cold car and listen to Snow Patrol or Jimmy Eat World or Damien Rice as loud as possible. The cold air just makes them all more poignant.
  • Seeing some of my favorite people, whom I haven't, for far too many weeks.

It's been a terrific holiday, and I know there's only more good times to come.

Mmmm. I hope everyone else's was just as thankful. So to speak.
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