a response
by enlite
(672 views) - 8/26/05
(recorded 8/26/05 @ 12:12:19 PM)
It makes me smirk, not completely without malice, but certainly free from intention, to see what now I've realized as a common occurrence. A promise broken, no matter how small, which leads to a passage of notice. Perhaps not on purpose, a hand raised for reminding; is it aware, this hand, of its duty, or has it gone on coincidentally this long and still?

On that driven road it is often the case that detours induce emotional stasis, a chosen "forgotten" to avoid... to avoid what? The unknown, perhaps, in a vision so well seen before. Seconds pass, as street names change, and before enough thoughts are gathered the opportunity has gone and, with regrettable appreciation, so has the guilt.

If excuses were unnecessary before, what makes them such artillery today? Why, then, do I smile and regret that simple posted hello?

Maybe a guilty conscience just meddles with itself.
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*hugs tony* I hope you didn't misunderstand me, and instead I misunderstand you.

aaron called me -- go read.

   [surrogate sonance (J) 8/27/05 5:31 PM]

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