Birthday Goodtimes...
by disillusioned
(583 views) - 7/24/05
(recorded 7/24/05 @ 11:11:11 AM)
Well, as of this writing, I'm no longer 19.

I know, staggering. But to be honest, there were some things I enjoyed maintaining whlie only being a "teenager," like my business. Either way, we'll continue to grow and I'll continue to develop myself into whomever I wish to become, and age will follow along with it. That's how it works, duh.

Anyway, this birthday was a good amount of fun. After not, you know, dying earlier in the week, I was still a bit mleh from the pneumonia, but Nate and my family went along to Pepin, a Spanish restaurant in Scottsdale. Nate was definitely a good choice, but thanks to Ashleigh, Tony and Luke, who were all conveniently in absentia and thus unable to heed my invite. Gah.

Regardless, Pepin is cool, not only because the food is great, but because they have incredible, heart-stopping, awesome Flamenco dancing. Holy mother of GOD. And no, dance isn't a big thing for me, but the percussiveness and the ryhtmns are simply incredible, and it becomes instantly apparent that a massive amount of pure talent is required to do anything close to Flamenco. The classical guitar was incredible, and it was made 100 times better when, upon talking to the lead guy, he explained that no, it's not scripted—it's all improvised. So the two women clapping in rythmn to the lead guy while the guitarist bangs away with his hand like crazy, all crescendo-ing up to the finale and landing the final four beats PERFECTLY, yeah, not scripted. Oh my GOD, awesome. I will be dragging the certain aforementioned people to see it for themselves, simply because it's that great.

On the other hand, getting dragged up on stage because it was my birthday, and realizing that the only other people on stage for that were a few younger girls was... well... humbling. Luckily, I'm always up for a good time of embarrassing myself in front of a restaurant of strangers by poorly attempting to imitate the basic Flamenco steps they're showing, it it was all fun in the end. Gotta live a little, right?

Today was pretty nice. Nate dropped off a book on "How to Grill: Drop this on someone to kill them" edition. It's huge, and colorful and has some seemingly awesome recipes, so I'm jazzed about that. After all, I love to rock the grilling casbah, as most of you know.
My parents hooked me up with a nice radar detector. Only half tongue-in-cheek, right?

Then came my birthday event: ROLLERDERBY!

I have to say, I was sorta down and weird on my way out to Peoria, and I'm not pleased with how my body appears to be reacting to these antibiotics, but once I got there and saw Ashleigh, I really brightened up. She and the rest of the Saddletramps were completely amazing, and it was just refreshing to see her finally WIN a bout, considering it's likely to only occur while playing as a Saddletramp for at least the remainder of this season. (Saddletramps is the Tucson Roller Derby traveling team. The best of the best of the best. [Sir.] Etc. Her TRD team is the Iron Curtrain who regrettably lack motivation and organization. And, for most of them who aren't her, true talent. Le sigh.)

It was nice to get a chance to see her, of course, if only for a brief period. Still, it's always a slightly less-than-pleasant reminder that one of my best friends lives too far away for my taste, really.

That pretty much sums up the birthday festivities. The rest of the week was mostly spent feeling sickly and recovering. It seems that the antibiotics are working, and if anything, they're making it hard to sleep, making me taste weird things and occasionally causing red splotches on my hands so, you know... there's that.

On Friday, Bob and I also interviewed two potential candidates to help us out with Synapse Studios. One was a college senior, set to graduate and move into a graduate program at ASU, who was a pretty accomplished programmer. The other was a much older guy, in his 40s+, who was a manager type at another local web firm, looking for sipplemental income and a backup. Due to a few good reasons, including flexibility, fresher experience and ease of getting on-site, we've decided to go with the younger guy. And I called 1-2-3 not it on the phone call to the older guy.

It was definitely an interesting experience, but Bob and I had a relatively comprehensive list of interview questions in front of us and used a good question tracking question called Star. (Situation/Task, Action, Result.) Basically, you ask an open-ended question like "tell us of a time when you had a deadline to meet and feared you wouldn't make it." Ideally, they'll tell you what they decided to do and what the results were, but if not, you nudge them for their methods and results. The Situation or Task (scenario) they present you with is the ST score, the Action score is comprised of a brief look at the action they took, and Results are their results, natch. You assign a numerical score to each of these, with a brief note to remind you of the scenario and action later, and it helps quantify the candidate's experience and makes for better comparison later on.

All this by way of saying *I've* never been interviewed before. At least not by an "employer" so much as by a "client" wherein we were proposing a project or something similar.

Anyway, my parents are dragging me to Strawberry right now, which is the only reason I'm up at this ungodly hour (yes, 11 am. shut up.) considering I went to bed at close to 5:30 or something. I'm telling you, it's no fun being on drugs that keep you from sleeping at any time remotely convenient. Even *with* melatonin. And the red splotches make for an even better time. "Ignore the leprosy and shake my hand!!!"

Thanks to all of you who called to wish me Happy Birthday. It's nice to know who my true friends are. (Eye roll. All but one or two of you, I couldn't really care less about a phone call. You should know who you are, ELEVEN YEARS.) Interesting and slightly unexpected phone calls from Beth and Christy were, well that. Even funnier if you consider Christy was just calling to touch base and had let slip that it was my birthday. These things happen when you've never met. Meanwhile, she has a kid now and is married, so more power to her and her 18-year-old self. If you're gonna get knocked up like that, at least do it with someone you love who also has a stable job and such, right? Good times.

And with that, I'm out. You've been great, I'll be here all week.
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