Settle in, now. This may take awhile.
by disillusioned
(582 views) - 6/21/05
(recorded 6/21/05 @ 4:50:25 AM)
So I just finished putting back a second 100-Calorie pack of Chips Ahoy cookie crisps. This was bad for a few reasons:
1) I already had some food earlier.
2) It was my second pack.
3) The idea is that it's only low calorie if you don't eat, you know, all the packs.
4) Now I'm stuffed. Blehhhhhhhhhhg.

If I slip into insulin shock or what have you, it'll look awfully funny, but I probably won't click "save" for you to see it.

Let's pick up where we ended things, for simplicity's sake. Also, because I'll never get it down otherwise.

Remember, we left things at about between my E3 trip and my St. Louis trip. During that time, I made a great trip down to Tucson. And got about here. Good times, most definitely. If you ignore, for a second, my criminal speeding ticket, which I must dispense with shortly. For the record, a phrase you never want to hear an officer say is:
"In lieu of detaining and arresting you, you'll need to sign this indicating you'll arrive at court on the time and date listed on the ticket for your arraignment."

Want the quick guide? Here are the red flag words:

587 is a 55. I thought it was a 75. I was going 90. Class 3 Misdemeanor. No good, all around. Still, it ended up being worth it. Perhaps I have a skewed sense of perception, but I'd probably do it again, if I had to do it over. (And, you know, couldn't avoid the ticket.) Thankfully, I had the foresight to stuff the bottle of Parrot Bay I had with me under the passenger seat, in the back, before I started off. (It was sealed. Don't drink & drive, kids.)

Anyway, flash forward, relatively speaking, to St. Louis. Nate picks me up, and I've fortunately crammed everything I need into a carry-on. Woo carry-ons.

We arrive on a Wednesday evening and stop in for a nice christening of White Castle. I'm sorry if you don't get the White Castle thing, but they've been a favorite of mine since New Jersey, when I was less than six. And no, the frozen things in your grocer's freezer are not the same. (Remember, I totally love food. Also: I'm strange. Bonus points if you "get me," or at least "get" my peculiarities... or understand that I'll be who I am one way or another, so it's likely best to embrace it. But I digress...)

After the burgers, I think we crashed rather early. Marking the second time in two weeks of me sleeping in a bed with a guy, Nate was fortunately on the other side of a king size, and we were in heel-toe configuration ("You can't... lock in!" Good Scrubs reference, if ya get it.) so all was safe. Because I've never slept in a bed with a gay guy before or anything. And told him to scoot, periodically throughout the night, my latent homophobia rearing its... well, self. God, I'm rambling something stupid tonight. Delete... delete... gah.

I'm listening to Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 now. Good stuff. For some reason, this was the one track I was missing off of Songs About Jane. That reason being, I never purchased the album. Oopsie.

Again, with the digression. I swear, I need some Ritalin or some such. Maybe I could just sell my brother's. And also: my dad's Oxycontin and Vicodin. Because selling drugs is both cool *AND* profitable. I think I'm game. Anyone else wanna hop on board?

St. Louis fundom continued with a trip to their Six Flags. Now, those who know me best will attest to my distaste for roller coasters. I hate the feeling of going downhill. Get over it. I seriously hate it. No, you won't be the one to convert me. Yes, I've been on that one. Yes, I've tried them recently. No, I don't feel like I'm missing out on one of life's great pleasures. No, I don't really care what you think of me for hating them; why should I?

Regardless, I found good fortune with most the coasters at Six Flags, as they had relatively small drops, or drops that also curved. See, when there are lateral Gs introduced into the mix of going downhill, it makes me feel less abject terror and I'm able to cope with only mild screaming. I'm serious, I hate that. I've said it before: My superhero weakness is most definitely roller coasters.

Clockwise style, Brent, Nate, Tim and myself. Not sure what's going on with me there, but alas.

After Six Flags, there was a BBQ at some relative's house. Keep in mind, we were in St. Louis for Lindsay & Tim's wedding.

Anyway, there was more hanging out, more White Castle, and Tim's friend Glabe showed up. On the ride back from the rehearsal dinner, Glabe played wingman, flirting with the 16-year-old cousin, while I took on the 17 (much more attractive) year old. Glabe's a good guy, considering he's 21. Taking one for the team in the finest sense.

The next day was likely the wedding, but I'm not gonna spend too much time thinking things through. The night before the wedding, we went to see Clerks at a theater, actually, in a manner befitting a bachelor party: with cheap cheap cheap (Albertson's brand, yo) vodka and diet coke. Great times, truly.

There was then wedded bliss, and then other stuff. I should never wear a tuxedo, because it only makes me MORE confident and extroverted. I feel entirely too secret-agentish, and get myself into trouble. And in this case, in a church. It was a bad, if not hilarious, combination. But I love how I look in them. <hubris>

I ended up at the airport for an extra hour because of stupid ticket fare issues earlier on—the last cheap seat available went to Nate, moments before they tried to book mine. Classic. I ended up talking to some Mormon lady on the way back for almost too long. I like being friendly at all, and I'm sure I started into the conversation a lot, but then it started to get really dry and I just did the "flip-through-onboard-magazine-and-hope-she-gets-the-hint" strategy, to no avail. I never did determine the top six hot spots to eat cheap in Chicago. Great.

Anyway, soon after my arrival home from St. Louis, I effectively parted ways with Gizmodo. They were looking to shift one of the interns to a full-time position, and it became rather obvious that wouldn't work for me, with my other obligations. In reality, it had started to get a bit stale. I can only come up with so many ways to make a "new" cell phone post humorous. It was still great exposure, but things got trippy with the pay scale towards the end and it sorta shot my motivation. Regardless, I'm no longer with them. And their other intern (who was offered the bump up and accepted it) quit, too, shortly thereafter. Hah.

Of course, sometime after all of this, I finally received my car. About the same time I had to make my first payment on the loan for it. Charming, really. Tomorrow, I'll finally have her registered.

This is getting long. If you've made it this far, you should really leave a note. I'll buy you a cookie or something, I swear. And seriously, who doesn't like cookies?

This past two weeks now have been a complete blur, more or less. I went to see my first rollerderby bout in Peoria, between two Arizona Rollerderby teams. It was cool, and I got into it, but the bout I saw in Tucson this weekend was just what completely sold me on it.

Ashleigh's been gushing like crazy for several months now about all things derby. Nearly to the point of a fierce desire to choke myself on a skate or some such, but only occasionally. In reality, I now see exactly why she's so into it—it's completely different than most other social experiences available.

It's competitive, but comforting. It brings people together and still lets them beat each other senseless. It has (some) attractive girls in skirts & fishnets, skating around a flat track and skidding into the crowd, injuring folks and themselves along the way. It is seriously only for the crazytough. Most girls need not apply, unless you're able to take a beating. Of course, I knew she was a perfect match when she first started talking about it in February.

(In the pic, me, with AWFUL, COW-CHOMPED or something hair, and Ash, aka Bolshe Vixen, skating for Iron Curtain. Seriously. Bonus points if you get my T-shirt. About 20 people stopped me with compliments during the bout. This made me smile. :-) <—like that.

My trip down to Tucson was a bit bittersweet, as they always seem to be. The first night, I stayed at Ashleigh's, and we awoke to a bizarre sight. See, the night before, we went to Grill, a diner. ("If they had children, I do believe that'd be the bane of my existence. I would have to KILL it!") Grill's a crazy place, with a cool attitude spelled out in detail on the back of their menu. Cool stuff, go there and see. Anyway, I asked my waitress in the most polite of terms, if she could perhaps keep pickles and any pickle derivatives off of my plate.

She joked with me about it for the rest of the evening: "Here's your extra pickles, sir," etc. Good times. Anyway, the next morning, I come out, and find what looks to be about two jars of sliced pickles on either side of my car, on the asphalt. Not on the actual car itself, but just the asphalt around the car. And something that resembled envelope glue on and under the door handles—the kind that just peels and rolls up into a ball. And a tore-open condom wrapper under the windshield wiper. No damage to the paint. No damage to the exterior, tires or rims. Not broken into. But with the same glue stuff (or lube, I suppose, who knows?) smeared on the windshield.

This left us thoroughly nonplussed. I highly doubted that any waitress could possibly be so motivated as to do this to, well, anyone. Not to mention the logistic impossibilities surrounding that idea. Anyone else who knows I happen to hate pickles, and also knows what my new car looks like, and also knew I was spending the night at Ash's, and also knows where she lives... well, that's all of maybe two people. And Ash was one of them. So I'm chalking it up to a bizarre and random act of weirdness, but if per chance, someone knows who it was, thank them for me for having enough respect not to actually damage my car. It really is appreciated. And besides, I'd take to doing that on my own the next night.

Speaking of, the NEXT night, after the AWESOME bout, I pulled my car into Teri's driveway. Having scraped bottom on it twice before, I looked to go up at an angle to avoid the same. Instead, I went over an eight inch curb with my left front tire. And bottomed out the body of the car, leaving the wheel fully suspended. With no traction. And I don't have all wheel drive.

After a lot of lamenting, a LOT more feeling stupid, and a WHOLE lot of "let's try this" and poor attempts at lifting, toasting my clutch nicely and a bunch of other stupid things, including somehow reaching behind a refrigerator in the dark, thinking it was the next room's wall and electrocuting myself.... after all of THAT, we finally had a tow truck come and winch me out backwards. It worked flawlessly. This made me very happy, considering the idiocy it took to get there.

I incidentally had a standing appointment with my mechanic for today anyway, and so I had him take a look at the suspension and everything else, which he said checked out just fine. On the other hand, I needed completely brand new front brakes, so that was a pleasant $330, but also completely unrelated to any Tucson nastiness. Seriously, Tucson's roads suck ass. It's awful.

Tucson continues to be bittersweet, because it's now (well, has been) the residence of one of my best friends. It's hard to taunt myself with just a couple of days of having a great time with you, Ash, when I have to come back up here immediately following. It's even worse, of course, now that most my other friends are abroad or elsewhere. Truly, it's not a fun feeling I get on my ride home, or immediately after. Grumblecakes are in order.

I've spent a little over an hour on this entry, on and off now. I'm definitely about to wrap up. As far as other developments and such, let's just list it all out, with some funny quotes thrown in there to mix things up:

-Client work is about to get considerably more hefty. This is good news.
-Some clients can't read proposals. Note to them: "Months" != "Weeks" This will SEVERELY impact how much you perceive we cost.
-Synapse Studios is doing very, very well. Compared to last year, our growth rate is rather phenomenal. I'm ecstatic.
-My car makes me SO happy. She purrs. She's all I want in a car. She's my Cammy.
-"I like your dice. They're obnoxiously large."
-Rollerderby is DAMN awesome. Far moreso than I would've thought.
-My birthday is coming up! In a month or so, but still!
-My dad almost bought an '06 Eclipse. I almost killed him for it.
-I went to see Cary Brothers & Aqualung with Luke. Cary was amazing, even though it was mostly an acoustic show, exception being Blue Eyes, where Aqualung provided backup.
-I talked to Cary for about 20 minutes afterwards. He was really good friends with Zach Braff in college, which explains the Garden State hookup, but I discovered him through a clip in a Scrubs episode. Turns out, the Scrubs music producer was walking past the studio they were recording in when the door swung open and he heard their song. He asked if he could use that track. The next evening, the episode aired with the 40 second clip of the unfinished song in the middle, fitting in perfectly. I've discussed this before, but it was just cool to hear them tell the story.
-When showing someone my Mustang, I left my phone at my dad's shop. This sucked because I had to take this picture of Cary & me on Luke's phone. In other news, I'm *really* glad my phone takes 1 MP pictures. (The other pics on this page were from my phone.)

-There's not too many quotes that I remember, sadly, although there were bunches more. Small bunches, but still.
-I sold my Mustang for $2,150. I bought it for $2,000. I put roughly $1,400 into it. Not a bad deal, but could've been a bit better, actually.
-I sold the Supra for $455. I'm really glad I didn't sell to the first guy who called and offered $150 to close the auction.
-I paid eBay $170 to list both vehicles. Gah.
-Since April 11th, over $34,130 worth of transactions have gone through my bank accounts. Note that this is NOT my balance, was NEVER my balance, and included a preloan, a loan, a wire transfer and several other acts of craziness. I'm still in a bit of swimmy debt, but this was definitely the most active my account's ever been.
-This entry is ridiculously large. If you've read this far, I'll give you two cookies. Or something more substantial. Seriously, try me. It's somewhat useful to know if *someone* ever reads through all of this, even though I like getting a lot of this down for me.
-There's more craziness to come. I love life this way, though. Are we all having fun yet?

That's all for now. I hope you'll take a chance to read through most of this, as it's actually somewhat interesting, at least to a degree. I know that most people skim, as we all do, so I tried to keep stuff split up, paragraph wise, to make it easier to catch cool stuff.

Also, you should really find and download Rubyhorse's Fell on Bad Days. I have the iTunes format song, so I'll upload it shortly. And it probably won't work. But seriously, go find it. It has a weird, psuedo-Coldplay, haunting feel to it. Really good, though.

I'd love to complain about the lack of people writing on this site, but I don't have much room to stand on myself. The truth is, the same people and same number of people still poke their heads in; it's just, no one has the time or drive to make their own contributions much anymore. And that's totally just how life goes. I'm just glad you guys still stop in occasionally. And more and more, I'm thinking I'm gonna launch my other site soon. You know, once things cool down.


Much love to all of you. Please, silly as this plea sounds, leave some notes!
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This entry has a picture of ME in it! How could I not leave a note?! Ahaha, I'm so glad you have seen the roller derby ... light, if you will. At least I probably sound minimally less insane.

P.S.: Your poor car... :(

Carpe Diem
   [Wildfire (J:: M) 6/21/05 7:14 AM]

that entry was hell of long but I read it anyway. it's usually interesting to hear what people say (write, whatever) about travelling places. and getting into stupid driving situations.

oh and my freaking horses would die whenever trying to ford the river. it's all good when you're the banker though cause you start out with a crapload of money.

   [sound affects (J) 6/21/05 8:06 PM]

"If you've read this far, I'll give you two cookies." Oh man, I thought I was excited when you said one cookie. But jeez, two cookies?! My day has just been made.

   [Canis (J) 6/21/05 9:01 PM]

Grumblecakes. What an awesome word. Also, I will now forever associate pickles with the sight of your car.. ;)

Yes, but WHY the rum?
   [Starcrossed (J) 6/21/05 10:50 PM]

Replying to Starcrossed's note:
I really can't take credit for grumblecakes, but if you didn't already know, it's a Strongbaddism. One of his best ones, actually. I think it involves "Kevin Grumbles," or something.

Yeah, and that smell was charming, too.


   [disillusioned (J:: M) 6/22/05 3:46 AM]

Replying to Canis' note:
Seriously, cookies, yo.
Heh... I miss ya, man. We'll do something this week, kay?

Also, I gotta tell you about this Entrees Made Easy thing my mom and I went to today. Because I'm dragging you to the next one. (It's free. For you.)

And we need to finally 0-60 my car, don'tcha think? I want to "race" the Civic. (Note the elaborate use of big-headed "air quotes.")

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 6/22/05 3:48 AM]

Replying to sound affects's note:
The first rule of Oregon Trail is you do not talk about Oregon Trail. Moving downward to rule three, you CERTAINLY DO NOT choose a profession other than banker.

All those kids who thought they were farmers stock through and through just got a nasty comeuppance in the form of cholera and death because of their meager rations, poor hunting, and lack of spare parts.

Seriously, when the wagon catches fire, what're you going to count on? The extra "points" at the end were complete bull. This is about SURVIVAL!

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 6/22/05 3:50 AM]

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