by FrozNic
(537 views) - 8/15/03
(recorded 8/15/03 @ 11:50:16 AM)
stripped of glory
defined by fate
surrounded by enemies
predominate hate

laying still as a portrait
open wounds in his skull
feelings of pride
welling deep in his soul

his friends had all fallen
shot to death by the swarm
blood dripping from the bodies
the crimson still warm

the enemy departed
till dawn he did lay
the mission was deadly
but successful he'd say

his commander, soon heard
of his horrible night
that death ridden trail
brought forth in his plight

but there's more to this story
that you'd never guess
though surrounded by corpses
there was no distress

for this man served his country
his god and his wife
this man held his honor
this man held his life

he knew that his mission
was not to let go
but to hold on to his heart
through that blizzardy snow

snuggled warm at their home
this man and his wife
their freedom continued
on through their life
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