My new love...
by disillusioned
(685 views) - 6/3/05
(recorded 6/3/05 @ 2:40:28 AM)
So, for those of you not quite aware of this fact, I'm firmly in love.

Her name is Camielle. (Which I realize is usually spelled without the first 'e', but I like it. So there.) She's 7 years old and a Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T. She has a turbo timer and, while only being a 4-cylinder, has a bit more than 220 horsepower. (Ask any of my friends who've driven in her... she's quicker than you're expecting!)

See? She's totally gorgeous! And though she may look shy, I assure you she's not. (She's like me that way.)

She 0-60s in just about 6 seconds. It's actually pretty frightening. I've never felt a car chirp its tires going into second gear on a clean shift—right as the turbo engaged. Definitely a different beast to control than anything I've driven before.

Cammy's absolutely beautiful on the inside, too. No stains, rips or any issues (especially once I properly mount the turbo gauges). I also need to get mats and think I'm gonna go for indiglo gauges because of her crazy-dark tint.

I still need to get a pic of me with her, but I think these show her off quite nicely. The other pics were taken of her in her last home in Georgia, by a professional photographer. They're a much better representation of her burnt sienna color than the one taken in front of my house.

I'm sorry if I won't stop gushing. This is the biggest purchase I've ever made, and I'm just absolutely estatic with how she performs, how she looks, and what I think in general. Heeeeeeeeee!!!!

Thanks, friends who have also expressed how excited they are for me—it means a lot, and I'm glad you all like her as well.

And if you haven't met her yet, I'm sure you will soon...
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ooooh, she is pretty! take good care of her now. no flying over the railroad tracks on chandler boulevard or anything...

   [amnesiac (J) 6/3/05 6:02 PM]

Oh Lordy, no!
(And it was Galveston & Arizona Ave. ;-)

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 6/3/05 6:29 PM]

I want to go for a ride... *sad*

She better be in good condition when I get back.

   [enlite (J:: M) 6/4/05 3:56 PM]

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