E3: A cursory glance.
by disillusioned
(708 views) - 5/20/05
(recorded 5/20/05 @ 11:35:29 PM)
This has been one of the coolest weeks ever. I've been to the absolute pinnacle of awesomeness for nerds—go ahead, ask any real nerd if they'd like to go to E3. The answer is unequivocally yes. And, they know what you're talking about. Now, they're begging you for info on tickets, aren't they? Nerds are a predictable bunch. Who love E3.

The show was completely and absolutely crazy. I will do a full post when I've collected my head a bit more and all that jazz, but I'll just tempt with this excerpt from Kotaku. Kotaku is the gaming site of the Gizmodo/Gawker family, and the place I was writing to most the week:

"And the Intern, well the Intern just amused the crap out of us. Sure, he did his share of brilliant writing and floor scouting, but you can’t top the time when he was hitting on a married woman by comparing her husband to his mom and then two minutes later arguing the postive points of getting into porn. God love the young."

(That's Jessica, who came with us to the IGN party after the second night. She was a ton of fun, and is better known the world over as the PSP licker. *Not* a booth babe.)

Not one normally to be so brazen with hubris, but that made me grin and feel like I totally rock.

I'm not sure why. (Source.)

Also, I have a copy of Star Wars III. It's a work print, with just a little smudge on top but otherwise near-DVD quality. If you're interested, and I like you, there will be hookups.

Probably the best part of the show came when I took a photo of the laptop playing Revenge of the Sith in front of the giant LucasArts screen/display that was showing its preview and the preview of the games. And under the anti-piracy banner. Man, I'm awful.
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still completely devastated i didn't get to go. e3 is one of the many things i strongly desire to do in life (no joke). it's amazing and i've never been. that's the thing, i *know* what i'm missing. excellent.

anyway, as i said earlier, i can live vicariously through your experiences eventually warping them into my own until i mention it in your presence ultimately shattering the fantasy... god, you're a dick. why do you have to destroy everything i hold dear? Dammit, go to hell and die!

yeah... right. about that, maybe not but you're gonna have to post the rest of your adv3ntur3s.

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 5/21/05 7:56 PM]

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