The rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain...
by disillusioned
(700 views) - 5/7/05
(recorded 5/7/05 @ 10:56:31 PM)
I'm in Michigan right now, in a house I spent a great deal of time in while growing up. I've never lived in Michigan, but while in Jersey, every Christmas was spent here and then while in Arizona, nearly a month every summer. I would spend the time predominantly with my cousin JT, who's about 8 months my junior, and stay at his house.

My cousin lives with his mom, my Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda was married to my mom's brother, my Uncle Tom, until they divorced many years ago. What's interesting about that is that Aunt Linda lives just a few miles away from my grandma—Uncle Tom's mom. She's stayed close to the family and all of us throughout, which is atypical after a divorce.

Regardless, in addition to my grandparents, my Aunt Amy and Aunt Mary also live here, along with my Uncle Steve and Uncle Bill. All of them are married and all of them have kids, so it's always an adventure.

This was my first visit to Michigan in just about four years. It was fun to see my cousins, all of them: AJ, Abby, Jack, Meghan, Hannah, Cortez, Ravon, Jaylin and Samuel. On Thursday, Cortez-Samuel (Aunt Mary's adopted children) and I all played at their house. The visit was rather well punctuated by my brother managing to jump in hopscotch on the stone that rested in box seven, with one foot, quickly acquainting more of his body with the concrete than he's normally comfortable with. Quality.

We played catch and had a great time. Since they're only somewhat recently adopted, it was my first time seeing them, but they were absolutely great.

One of the great things about having significantly younger cousins is that you quickly become something of a celebrity. My cousin Jack Kaylan (to use his proper name) is always asking where "Christopher" is and following me around relentlessly. The kid is hilarious at seven—keenly aware of today and this week's weather, and willing to share: "Sunny, with a high of 70s," in a complete boyish tone.

Today, we played around in their (they collectively own one) moonwalk. Bouncing around, they quickly determined that I was good for precisely two things: Tackling and using to launch into the upper moonwalk's atmosphere. It was total fun and they quickly wore out anyone older who tried to compete.

Earlier this evening, my Aunt Mary (and godmother) decided that to Windsor we would go, where the drinking & gambling age is 19. This was my first time in a casino and it was a great one. We played a bunch of roulette, which I quickly discovered was fun but a quick way to lose your money. Then, we moved up into the poker room, where there were about 10 tables of Texas Hold-em. I joined in at a max $100 table (where the buy-in is $100, and you can't buy-in more than that) and quickly ascended up to about $240. (Canadian dollars, but the exchange rate sucks. Think $100 = $80USD.) After quite a few hands, I dropped down back into the $80 range, and ended up having to quit there, but it was a terrific time.

The 50th anniversary party for my grandparents was yesterday and was actually pretty fun. Not much more to say about it than that, but there was also a bonfire with about 40 college kids which proved interesting.

Either way, I'm back tomorrow, if only for a week. I regrettably don't think I'll be able to make it to Disney with my close, roadtripping friends, which really sucks, since it really is the happiest place on earth. (Especially when it's free!) But alas, work is picking up and a crazy whirlwind still, so my commitments lie there.

E3 is on the 16th which effectively destroys any convenient visiting time I may have been hoping on.

And oh, yeah. Hopefully by the 21st, I'll be really happy. Most of you know why. And by most of you, I really only mean one or two of you. Raise your hand if you know who you are. Sigh. Excitement, seriously.


That is all. Good stuff, kids. The weather's fine here, by the way.
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*raises hand*

   [Canis (J) 5/8/05 12:16 AM]

Whoa there—perhaps you may find yourself hitting double digits in the notes count? Shock me!
Thanks for the hand raise.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 5/8/05 3:22 PM]

*raises hand*

I rock.

   [enlite (J:: M) 5/9/05 3:48 AM]

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