paper doll math
by amnesiac
(640 views) - 4/21/05
(recorded 4/21/05 @ 11:41:58 AM)
one polynesian paper doll boy has six shirts, two pairs of pants, and two pairs of shorts. how many outfits can the paper doll boy make?
i'm not quite sure what i was thinking when i agreed to tutor a second grader. maybe it was that i could get paid for arts & crafts.

good thing too because i'm eating through the remainder of my money with great speed.

in other news, the wonderful weather prompted me to wear a skirt, gasp. the wonderful weather then decided the eighty degree day needed a random breeze. now, i can't be sure, but i'm pretty certain no one saw that cute skirt fly straight up - only because they would have laughed really loudly if they did. i know i laughed.

later, i'm just sitting in class waiting for the prof to arrive and some kid sits next to me. we have assigned seats (yes, this is kindergarten) and that wasn't his seat... he looks at me and says, "have you been in this class all semester?" thanks, asshole. maybe he was there to see the skirt incident...

us college students took over the met last night. i'd post my oh-so-cool photobooth pics if i knew how and if they were even on a computer... you'll just have to imagine me in hideous sunglasses and a feather boa. or not.
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