Live from Taichung: 25 Stories
by disillusioned
(410 views) - 4/11/05
(recorded 4/11/05 @ 6:40:48 AM)
If you take one thing from all of my Taiwan posts, I urge you to make it this:

This requires no explanation. Unless you're on a beach, and unaware that gulls eat crabs. That are still alive. And fully capable of pinching your fingers. (Go to Taiwan. Find crab. Et cetera.)

Past the inside joking, I got a major kick out of that little sticker adorning the elevator's door. Day um... well, "five" started out in that city with a 'D' again, or the bigger one nearby it. Yes, that. We headed into D-land to check on the machinery and made amends with it.

Lunch time rolled around, and our hosts took us to an incredibly cute cafe. It was a house a little down the road converted into a restaurant. Let's look at the pictures:

See? Adorable, I know. No, honey, we can't afford a second place right now. Yes, I *know* how great the yard is for the kids. No, babe, yes, no, we could absolutely have a little study in the front. I know, honey. We'll discuss it. Hey, it's my dream too! Yes.

Oh, wow. I hadn't even seen that part. Sigh, yes, it's perfect. No, I know they'd love it. Mm, I love it, too. See? Yes. It's fantastic. What? Sell our current place? I... well, sure. It has a Koi pond after all!


Lunch looked a little like this:

Well, a lot like that. Seeing as it's a photograph, and not a court sketch. Yeah.

Anyway, I had the beef. The entire meal you see cost $5 USD. And included a caramel coffee drink at the end, and a wonderful, psuedo-ice cream/cream cheese thing for an appetizer.

The machine fully approved, we migrated back to Taichung, about half of the three hours back to Taipei. Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan, with a million people, and was just... crazy.

The hotel we stayed in was absolutely grand:

This is a view from the floor we were staying on, looking down through the atrium. It was the 25th floor, and the view, as I've said, was splendid.

And, of course, looking across. It's difficult to see in the pictures, but there is a net just above the bottom of the atrium, and another one on the 26th floor. I have to say that the temptation for me to hurl myself down the center was almost too great, knowing the net would at least laugh at me as I plummeted through it onto the marble beneath it.

Dinner was a fixed menu, where you paid a certain price (in our case, $15, roughly) and choose an item for each course. I had the smoked salmon with salad (pictured), baked murill mushrooms, mushroom soup, eel rice with juniperberry, "beef steak with garlics and plum", and a cappucino mousse cake. For $15, it was some of the best steak I've *ever* eaten.

The restaurant was on the second floor of the round building.
Oh, and I dig wavy silverware, even though I struggled with chopsticks for most of the meal. (And... trip, really.)

Sigh. I miss the view, even at night.
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