Live from Taipei: 101
by disillusioned
(817 views) - 4/7/05
(recorded 4/7/05 @ 11:24:20 AM)
So let's start with breakfast, shall we?

There was a nice hot breakfast buffet, including oyester omlettes and some other bizarre selections. I settled for a fried egg on toast. Taiwanese toast. With bacon. Made from Taiwanese pigs.

After I finished rocking the breakfast casbah, we decided to move onwards and upwards, to Taipei 101—the tallest building in the world.

See how tall it is? Isn't it tall?

There we go.

Their explanation for the name "Taipei 101" was a bit endearing, actually: It was something like... fourfold- some of the best spin I've ever seen, really. It talked foremost about the emerging technology age, what with 1s and 0s and the like. Of course, they segued into Taipei's exceeding standards for excellence, giving more than 100%—even if it's just one PERCENT more. Also, it has 101 floors. Cute.

The bottom five or so floors are this IMMENSE expanse of a shopping mall. It's just huge. You see, the main tower itself is flanked by two huge, curving wings along its base that rise up about 5 or 6 stories. Absolutely crazy.

You can see that the minimalism thing totally works for the Gift Shop at the observation deck. Or rather, the entrance to said observation deck.

The elevator was absolutely funness. Consider that they have to bring you up and down 1,600 feet to the observation deck in what we hope is less than a marathon's time. They do this spectacularly, at 37 mph (vertically, natch) and hitting the top in ~30 seconds. They actually have to pressurize the cabin, because otherwise, eardrums rupture from that much of an altitude change so quickly.

Here's a quickie video of the cool LCD display inside the elevator to show how gracefully you've decided to defy the laws of physics and human anatomy.

(Note: I'm lying about videos. Not until I get back. Converting and uploading = huge pain.)

As you can see, they're staunch opponents to any alert poses and also, saluting Hitler from a seated position. So don't do it.

Now, it's important to understand that the View from the tallest building in the World is NOT something that can be appropriately captured with a cellular phone's camera. For this simple fact, you are wholly SOL. But I miss you all and wish you were here with me. (Admittedly, some of you more than others. ;-) The view was spectacular. On top of the world. Truly.

Another challenge with building a tower that reaches into the heavens (besides God knocking it down and forming all the languages of the world in one LITERAL fell swoop) is the wind—typhoons occasionally flummox Taipei, so they devised the largest wind dampener in the world. And also the only one publicly visible. It's... um... impressive, if you're the dampening type.

One of the several *dozen* restaurants in the building's primary, basement food court.

You would think this chicken would be wise enough to avoid such a perilous logo—let alone one that literally encourages such malice aforethought. Sigh... crazy Taiwanese chickens...

We didn't spend too much more time exploring the building, awesome as it was. It was a national holiday, so many of the stores were all the merry closed. Besides, we had a nation park and hot mineral baths tour to get to!

(But that's next...)
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ok you should have taiwan missions. like have an eating contest with a random taiwanese man, preferably one that *doesn't* speak engrish. the building is amazing though. i'd love to be there instead of here. bring me back a whore, or a monk. I'm easy.

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