Live from Taipei: Tour, uhhuh?
by disillusioned
(1143 views) - 4/6/05
(recorded 4/6/05 @ 12:12:25 PM)
We started Monday a bit late. We had to make a 1:30pm tour, so I woke up with an obvious amount of time to spare, showered, got dressed and that whole drill. We headed downstairs and were picked up with a few others in a van with a Chinese woman who was our acting tour guide.

Throughout the tour, she'd end every line with "uhhuh". It was charming at first, but quickly crossed the threshold. (Okay, listening to the clip I recorded, it wasn't ever charming, Her voice was damn grating. It was even funnier that she did this when speaking in both Chinese and English.

[Click heah to listen to the clip, uhuhhh?]

Now, the tour was pretty dry so I'm just gonna dump some pictures with captions. Days three and four were a bit more splendid. And actually, night two. Or whatever, I don't think numbering these days is healthy for anyone.

Here's a Buddhist temple that we toured during one of their blessing/sacrificing ceremonies. Several hundred people burning things and bowing to the siddarthic chanting.

What I can only perceive as a coy pond, also at the temple. And a new friend I made. (She's the quiet, knowing type.)

Here's the archway to the next stop on our tour, which for the life of me, I can't remember the name of at this moment. It's manned by soldiers who change their guard once hourly, but during their stay cannot move at all. Much like the British folk, except I'd fear death if you messed with these guys. Chinese-unmoving-guard death. They don't even flinch. Seriously.

Here's the first pic of me—I started to realize that I should perhaps offer some form of proof that I'm 7,200 miles away. This one is of me, obviously cheating certain aforementioned Chinese-unmoving-guard death. I'm daring like that.

Beyond the arch, the main building. Geez, the guide woman's "uhhuh" totally made it impossible to absorb any of the history she was telling us.

Quite the gorgeous view, from the outiside terrace of the museum we went to. Trust me—there more than my share of gorgeous views. Damn, it's great to be out of Arizona. You really should see this. Sigh.

I've been wanting a sign just like this outside of my room. Damn you, "Slovenly dress".

One thing of great interest to me is the hustle and bustle of the city. It's so densely populated and just crazy all the time. The primary mode of transportation here is the motorized scooter. It's similar to those Vespas you hear so much about, but assuredly less expensive. Quick things, too. And boy can people cram stuff onto those in ways you wouldn't believe. I saw one of them with three people. And a beagle. I kid you not.

They're just EVERYwhere:

I do think that's all for now. The rest of the night, we went out to a compy/techy night market. There are a couple dozen night markets in Taipei—the dynamic of which I'll explain in my next post, I believe. Hustle and bustle barely describes it.

Surprisingly, the prices for everything tech generally lost out to stateside prices. Sad, considering my dad's digital camera just bit the dust. (It's five years old or "about time.")

Coming soon: tales of the hot spring mineral baths, volcano crater, national park, Taipei 101, food and crazy-chopstick-madness and more. I'm getting to it. Patience, please.

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You *know* I'm not patient!

Sigh. Thanks for the calls/texts, miss you!

Carpe Diem
   [Wildfire (J:: M) 4/6/05 10:47 PM]

"better than ever" hah. loving the tshirt overseas

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 4/8/05 6:23 AM]

Hehe. I never even thought to read it that way. But yeah, I'm rocking it.

Sigh, to going home tomorrow.

You guys should be here with me. We'd paint the town red. Or some other color. Some Taiwanese color.


   [disillusioned (J:: M) 4/8/05 7:06 AM]

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