Live from Taipei: The Flight & First Impressions
by disillusioned
(538 views) - 4/4/05
(recorded 4/4/05 @ 10:55:56 AM)
How now, brown cow? A brief rundown:
I've decided to break up what's sure to be an incredibly long harangue (ninth-grade vocab woo!) of an entry into several more managable pieces. I'm using a different flag on "sub entries" so that they don't show up on the main page, but you can still navigate them using the "next entry" and "previous entry" links at the end of each entry. Plus, I'll link to them from the MOTD when I add new ones so you know they exist. This will let you leave notes if you're so inclined on smaller subsets, instead of one GIANT entry where no one understands what relevance your note has, as is often the case with my entries. Regardless, I'm posting the bigger entries basically one for each day, so long as I stay on top of it. Here goes nothing. Skim, pour over it, memorize it, comment on it, print it out, burn it to light a cig, take a drag and then eat it. I couldn't care less. It's not my paper. I'll be spacing things out and keeping them easier to just read through quickly, though.

Definitely offer feedback on pics, though. Write cool captions for them or the people in them, if you're so inclined. Have fun with it, please?


Entry one:

I'm sitting in my hotel room now in Taipei, Taiwan. From this, you should be able to conclude the following:
  • Our plane didn't burst into flames
  • Our hotel has at least some form of Internet access
  • Taiwanese television, while amusing at first, is very difficult to grasp (and includes a LOT of free porn, which would be cool if I had some affinity towards Asian porn I was previously unaware of, and was also not sharing a hotel room with my dad. Sadly, we fail on both accounts.)

    Where to begin? Let's see... Around 10:30 am on Saturday, my father and I departed out humble house and headed westward towards Sky Harbor. After our standard boarding stuffs, we sat around the Southwest terminal and then got on our plane.

    (I'm writing from the next day now, so it's a bit retroactive. Must get this stuff out before I forget though, as is so often the case.)

    We flew in to LAX, which marked my first time there, and our plane looked a little something like this:

    Wait. Before that, let's talk about the pictures I'm taking. I just got my brand new Nokia 7610. And I won't shut up about it. You know how I am.

    Anyway, while the phone has a pretty capable camera, at 1 megapixel, (which isn't enough to count rings in your favorite severed tree from 40 yards, but who does that?), it lacks a flash, a decent way to set shutter speed (f-stops and the like) and all of that. Ergo, the pics you see may be a bit streaked or less than stellar at times. I apologize. Or I would, rather, if I cared what you thought about my photo-taking-qualities.

    Moving on, Southwest Flight 1827 from Phoenix, Arizona to LAX:

    Peaches, right? Whatever.

    It took about an hour, but we hit LAX. Here's some pics from the LA layover (or, if you're particularly cute, the LAover. Ha. Ha. I slay me.)

    The International terminal at LAX. Or one of them. I'm not an airportologist.

    Perhaps some day, I'll be someone's lord or savior. Or, end up in hell.

    Don't you feel like Tom Hanks now? Don't you? Yeah, it's blurry. That's why he usually wears glasses. It's late. Shut up.

    Needless to say, we boarded the plane at LAX bound for Taipei. EVA Air, Taiwan's national airline, is cute in a number of ways, which I'll enunciate in my next bit.
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    Christ Cardinal.

    You could be the new Pope-man.

       [enlite (J:: M) 4/4/05 11:45 AM]

    LAX is nutty isn't it?? ahhh un-fond memories. I had to drive my uncles station wagon there last year to pick up my cousins. bleh.

    ~Cut and print~
       [noprotein (J:: M) 4/8/05 6:13 AM]

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