My week just spins around me...
by disillusioned
(482 views) - 3/17/05
(recorded 3/17/05 @ 10:01:03 AM)
It's true. It's a whirlwind, all around me. This week, I've written 53 pieces for Gizmodo this week alone. It's sorta crazy to stare at a page of 24 of mine each about 125 words, and just be like "oh, that was all me". Tuesday was all epic and such, with us hitting 270,000 visitors. I know I've mentioned it before, but just give me a little longer to get over the shell shock that writing to a quarter million people has, if you will. It's even cooler when I photoshop an image and see it get picked up by someone else's news site. Le crazy.

In related news, I got a bonus today at Gizmodo. I was pretty damn thrilled with that, in addition to me getting paid per-post now. It's nice that I'm not getting the shaft with something like "write as much as you can this month and you get $500," but instead I'm being compensated fairly. And I like it.

Hopefully, Joel will pick back up a bit later this week and next week and I can get back on a psuedo-normal sleep schedule. I really wouldn't mind that.

Other client work is going pretty great, but I need to hit that hard this week and next as well. I'm sitting here the other day and I'm thinking about our project, which involves processing ALL the rebates for Discount Tire Company and it occurs to me that I'm in the big time, here. It's an awesome feeling to know that there are corporate users accessing software I've designed and developed and relying on it for their business decisions. Le more crazy.

Meanwhile, some other doors have opened up with us, potentially being able to establish similar contracts with other companies. It's all over the place, but I love it. It's thrilling, totally.

Hurray for being able to see Ashleigh even if only for a few hours the other day. It's been too long; we must enjoy ourselves this evening, k?

Hrm, I have this weird urge where I want to grow something. Like, just a small plant, and care for it for a while. I haven't done anything like that in forever. Now, I must take this to the next step, instead of stalling out my cool ideas of things I'd like to do as is so often the case. I'll put it on my todo—it'll happen.

Taiwan is on April 2nd, until the 9th. May is going to be the crazy one. May we have Michigan at the top of the month, for a few days, California for E3 for a few in the middle and St. Louis to cap things off. So perhaps, I'll be writing less for Gizmodo in May. Except that E3 is entirely Gizmodo...

It's all sorts of crazy. But I'd be remiss if I didn't say I love it. I do.
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