Going away to college...
by FrozNic
(609 views) - 7/31/03
(recorded 7/31/03 @ 7:38:59 PM)
Well, tomorrow, is the day, I leave this God forsaken town and dwindle into the hearts of a town 200 miles away. USU has been known to be a great Computer Engineering school. And some of my old friends moved down there a year ago for school. So I hope it won't be too bad of an adjustment. My biggest concern, is the fact, that I'm moving in with guys that are all Return Missionaries for the LDS church. I am very much, not like them. And, am hopeing, that I won't want to kill them, everytime I look at them. Another huge thing to consider, in my desire to fit in. Is that I'm moving in with my older brother. With whome, I have a huge distaste, in some of the things he does. But obviously, it hasn't killed me too bad because I'm still moving in with him.

On a less ethical note, my mom took me to the grocery store, and to show her love for me. Spent and extreme amount of money on groceries for me. 130$ worth. Now, some of you might think that's not a lot. But, .. It is.

And, even lighter then that last note, My friends and I, as kind of a going away party. Decided to have a poker night. We all played, and some of us got lucky, etc. A normal night of poker, but a good one. All the guys that I'm good friends with, were there. Bacon, Paul, Ryan, Brandon, and Joe. Dan was at my house, sleeping.. Figure that one out.

Anyway, I'm exausted from the days events. I know it's short and simple, but, that's the way I like it.. at least today. So, goodnight!

- Froz
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