Arizona's Fastest High Speed Pursuit...
by Insomniac
(631 views) - 12/11/04
(recorded 12/11/04 @ 10:37:30 PM)
...its an entertaining thought. Don't you believe so? Hell, we could turn it into probably one of the fastsest in US history...200 mph anyone? A car you could buy a house with...tempting. Very tempting. The car I speak of is sitting less than five miles away from my house and one of only five to be delivered around the nation today in an air conditioned semi trailer. There currently are only 132 on the road and this is the newest addition to the family of 132. Ford GT # 132. I can already smell the rubber burning on the pavement as I dump the clutch and the supercharger lets out an ungoddly whine. The thunderous roar of an exotic car in the cold December air. The sight of this amazing car will turn anyone's head. When you first climb into this car, you automatically feel the sheer power of the car. You feel as if you are sitting on the ground in the most comfortable chair you have every sat in. The long, angular nose of the car looks like something out of a dream. Then as you turn around, you can see the beast that powers this car through thick plexiglass. Staring right at you is a HUGE suppercharger mounted onto one of the best engines ever crafted by man. The sight of this car is enough to turn even a 70 year-old into a little kid. Ford GT # 132 is all this car will ever be known as to the car collectors. However, to those who will be lucky enough to see this car on the road, the car will take on a personality of its own. For this car's ghostly pressence is enough to incite the imagination of anyone who happens to see it, let alone take a seat inside. Sigh...I have one of the only keys to get into where it is and the thought of that is scary. I could have that thing out before the police are able to show up from the service alarm. On that free way, I won't be able to be touched. No car in the Arizona with the expection of a few cars could touch that car's ability to accelerate and carve even the sharpest corners. Cops? Where? Police helicopter? Rapidly disappearing. Unfortunately, Ford GT # 132 will be safe tonight. There it will sit until its owner brings it roaring back to life on Monday morning...sigh. Just five minutes and I could name a million things to do with it in that amount of time...I guess it has done its job...
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