Out to lunch. Back when I give a damn...
by Insomniac
(533 views) - 12/4/04
(recorded 12/4/04 @ 11:32:28 PM)
Yeah, so the past few days and today have really altered my perception of things and how they stand from its current course. School has gotten to the point where its like, I know I don't want to do it, but it just gets done because I know it has to be taken care of. I really wish I had the power to change certain situations I continually find myself in, so if anyone knows how to obtain that power, let me know and then I will reward you well. However, I am finally comming to grips with the current state of things and you know what? All is well, mostly. Biggest thing is the continual debate whether or not I really feel like putting myself through the honors college? That is the big question that is left open, hence why I took the SAT over again this morning and am taking the ACT next week. Last time around, I didn't do so hot because I blew everything off, guessed because I stopped caring and all. This time I actually put forth an effort so i have the opportunity if I choose to go down that road. I cannot afford to shut doors on myself and my future. Aside from the college questions, the other stuff troubling me most is just minor details such as the current status with ally, which in my view as of now is very little...sigh. Thats got to be the MOST confusing person in the world. She is one extremely mysterious girl and hard to read...maybe thats why I am so interested, appart from the cuteness...
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