A Realization about Myself...
by Insomniac
(512 views) - 11/21/04
(recorded 11/21/04 @ 10:19:42 PM)
I am sitting here on the computer, when I could be doing homework that is due in a few days, studying for my upcomming SAT's and ACT's, or even studying for my Calc test on tuesday. However, I really don't feel the need nor the desire to get ahead and reduce the last minute rush to get everything in order. Finally, I have come to the conclusion that I work best when everything seems like it is impossible to pull off, then I miraculously manage to pull of "the impossible" at the last possible second...Someday this ability to pull this off continually is going to come bite me in the ass, when its least expected. It just won't happen someday and now it is time to start the countdown until this occurs.

*On a side note, I cannot believe that it is almost December. Can anybody tell me how this came to be? Also, has anybody else been on a Breaking Benjamin streak lately? I had the new Jimmy Eat World cd and one of my Coldplay cds continually playing up until this past week. Now Breaking Benjamin is stuck in there and it just doesn't seem to want to stop playing...ohh well.
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Das ist alles.

Bring it on
   [Esperando (J:: M) 11/22/04 12:12 AM]

Exactly...and that is what I am not looking forward too. Ehh, oh well. I will manage to figure out how to actually have to try...just might take a while...grr.

   [Insomniac (J) 11/22/04 12:25 PM]

I'm not going to be here tomorrow so I got to take the calc test TODAY. boo and bullfrogs

hearing you on the whole 'last minute hero' thing - intense stress is how things tend to get done.
(me = so screwed in college)

   [sound affects (J) 11/22/04 8:42 PM]

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