School...never gives you a break.
by Insomniac
(479 views) - 11/11/04
(recorded 11/11/04 @ 7:37:55 PM)
Cross country finally came to an end on Saturday with the State Cross Country Championship...we did okay. Only Hunter ran their best, though I had an okay race, finishing fourth on our team. The wind was hell and the dust was equally as bad. I had been looking forward to the end of cross country for almost a month now. The whole time I believed that things were going to suddenly become easier. I figured that cutting cross country out of my schedule of working at the dealership and doing homework would give me some extra time and reduce the stress. However, this week has proven that reality is far from that. I think teachers can read minds. Why else would they decide to conviniently swamp us in homework? I am kind of stuck on how to go about Keyes' policy paper. I choose the problems with the weighted grading system and I know what I want to write, but I need some outside sources on this topic. The only problem is that most searches done online have resulted in crap. Luckily for me, I am almost done researching my topic for my AP english paper on deforestation so I am almost ready to begin writting that. Oh joy...
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