Monday at Seven Thousand Feet
by hamlet
(442 views) - 10/11/04
(recorded 10/11/04 @ 8:47:24 AM)
I really did it, I stayed awake all the way through anthropology this morning. And it's a Monday! I'm so proud of myself as I peddle my way up south campus. Shit, my bike chain skipped again.

I'm proud of myself as I walk my bike up central campus. Stupid bike.

The clouds are always so serene in Flagstaff, they're covering half of the peaks this morning. It's chilly, but I have a sweater on, so I'm content.

Stupid bike. Maybe I can fix it. I stop to take a look at the chain, and I happen to be next to an apartment style dorm with the door open. Someone inside starts shouting. I really can't understand what they're on about, and I can't figure out my bike chain so I keep walking.

stupid bike.

Finally I'm in my building, still pleased with myself for staying awake in class. Walking past the lobby I hear more frantic voices, and I can't for the life of me understand all the fuss! Turning the corner to find a television I find a group of maybe fifteen students, jaws dropped, completely silent. It takes me a few moments to register what I'm seeing on the screen. Mass chaos, destruction, bricks.

"What's goi..." My thought drops to the floor like the building on the screen. I can't believe it. And at UofA no less! What is this world coming to?

I fall to the ground, think of all my friends. Are they alright? Should I try and call them? Did they make it to class on time???

I don't remember too much for the next hour or so, I am in a complete daze and I can't contact anyone. Something about jammed cell phone waves... or I couldn't dial right. I don't know.

The day passes by, and my fellow Flagstaffers continue in shock. We don't *really* fear for our campus, but what a slap to the face on a Monday morning. Maybe this evening my calls will be able to go through, and someone will tell me if I still have a reason to go down south for Mexican food, or if I should just stick with the vegan restaurants up here.
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Hehe! Stupid bike! I love your themes.

   [Narcissus (J) 10/11/04 11:22 AM]

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