$&*@%$! homework
by hamlet
(432 views) - 10/8/04
(recorded 10/7/04 @ 10:13:29 PM)
So, it's not really all that bad...

but I keep falling asleep in this class. Every time we meet. Never fails. I try SO hard to stay awake. Wednesday, I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep for the last twenty minutes.

So I finished the book. Pretty good, a nice little prehistoric story. Now I get to pull a page of crap from my ass to turn in. Sounds fun, eh?

Why am I writing here then? Well duh, cuz I don't know what to write about the book. Um... There was a plot. Do I discuss that? Or the anthropological implications? Maybe the historical leaps in assumption? I donno.

Either way, I'm sleepy.

Tomorrow ends at 10 in the morning though. The glory of no marching band rehearsal. I think I deserve it too, after living through Wednesday with an obscene cold. (I'm such a wuss when I'm sick).

What is the most frustrating though is what happened Wednesday. I was in harmony, pondering how to word the email to my anthro professor that "I'm freaking sick, so I'm sleeping".
I decided to go to class instead. I get there and my prof goes "what's wrong with you? you look miserable" (duh) "I'm sick" (double duh) "then why are you in class today?" (WTF!)
I was highly perterbed. Maybe I'll use the sick card tomorrow... That'd be bad karma though... *ponder*

I suppose I should try and write this crap. Maybe I'll just copy paste this mess and call it discussion based.

Maybe not.

Righto, well, there's other nasty things going on in life, but we aren't going to discuss those now. For the moment, let's just remember that homework is super lame. Particularly when one's room mate is out at the movies with fun boys. boy. singular.
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homework sucks. Damn the man, save the Empire!

carpe diem
   [Wildfire (J:: M) 10/8/04 10:52 AM]

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