Still Living, sorta
by hamlet
(356 views) - 10/6/04
(recorded 10/6/04 @ 1:12:57 PM)
First and foremost, I'm sick. I get frustrated when I'm sick. So I'm frustrated too.

Whenever I got into my music files, and try and switch the display to "details" I always click on favorites first. That gets tiring. Every time. I can't seem to break the habit, but I guess there's worse things I could do.

I'm playing saxaphone in the marching band now. Sortof, I can't really march and play the show at the same time right now. I hate having more than three buttons, the sousa was so much easier to deal with musically. hehe. physically, well...

My shoulder was really tight at physical therapy yesterday, I had to do extra stretches, and I was really tired afterward.

Watched fight club with like 10 people last night, late. I kept having to climb over Oren to get my tissues. That is until I realized I could bring the stupid tissue box over to my desk, cuz I'm a freaking genius.

I have rehearsal tonite. I can pretty much play the second page of Italian in Algiers that was giving me trouble. I can't, however, play it up to tempo. Curses.

More singing tomorrow, stupid intervals. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

But I am still enjoying this music stuff.

My room mate and I still get along wonderfully. She's a cool kid. We finally refilled our water dispenser, it's terribly exciting!

I don't know if I'm sunburned again. I haven't looked in the mirror.

well, other than band, classes, physical therapy, homework, eating, sleeping, and socializing, i'm not really doing much else. But as I just listed most of life, you're probably not suprised.

I don't want to take another nap, I want to be productive before rehearsal tonite, but I'm really freaking tired. And had marching band. And, well, I'm sick, so I guess I'll go take a nappy.

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Just keep swimming....

we all love you babe, keep on chugging and I'll do the same.

carpe diem
   [Wildfire (J:: M) 10/6/04 2:20 PM]

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