Too lazy to give this a title.
by FrozNic
(541 views) - 6/13/04
(recorded 6/13/04 @ 9:21:58 PM)
Climbing down this ladder of thoughts
I see all of what I once was
perfecting what I had, each day
I was happier then I ever thought possible
then one day, I lost everything

How can you know yourself
if you have never lost everything
once you've hit rock bottom
there's only one way left to go
and I scream

Not for help but for release
It's no-ones fault really
just time took it's toll I guess
maybe it wasn't supposed to happen to me
but it did, and now, i'm still lost

2, 3, 4 years after everything
i'm still so lost
recovery isn't an option
i've learned to bare this pain
but it won't ever go away I feel

Tonight, once again, I cry
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