It's all I know...
by FrozNic
(523 views) - 6/13/04
(recorded 6/13/04 @ 9:12:56 PM)
You asked me what I wanted
my mind rushed through all the things we'd ever done
I saw our first kiss
the first time I looked into your eyes and smiled
the first time I didn't want to be anywhere else but with you
I saw my life complete in your arms
It was all i knew...

back then..

I would do anything to have you here right now
there's a song that's inside of my mind
It's the one that i've tried to write over and over again
to bring back all of my memories, all of who I ever was
I'd do anything to be only yours again

I know now, you were my only hope.. and now it's gone
darkness has invaded me for too long
I just want to put the paper bag back over my head and cry
stop myself from sleeping
hold my breath and die, because it's all gone
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