Story....The delirium == fun
by ChaoticAnathema
(612 views) - 4/21/04
(recorded 4/21/04 @ 7:49:36 AM)
Well, I started writing a short story, I don't particularly know if it's either good or if it makes a lick of sense, but personally, I'm having fun (which is completely twisted when you read the fuggin story, if you do) writing it. Class today has sucked the big one, as in Titanic porportions, and something tells me that today's just gonna get better and better and better. Hell, at about 1 - 2, I'm expecting this second wind to completely die off, and I'll be stranded in the complete ocean of happy delirium. And hey, from those of you who HAVE had sleep depo, you know how much fun it really is. In any case, to those of you that read this, hello, g'bye, and I'll probably write again soon, hell, from my past experiences, I'll write again in a few minutes...
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I can't read the word "Titanic" without thinking of the cheesy musical, which, after several trains of thought, abandons me with this dialogue:

"It's so dark, I would never find my way back."

"Perhaps you should leave bread crumbs."

"But I wouldn't risk it."

"Mr. Strauss, the thought of losing you is unbareable."

Stupid play...

Anyway, post your story and we'll all enjoy it I'm sure.

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