Hmm...Third post in like four hours...I'm getting to be a Post Wh0re..
by ChaoticAnathema
(571 views) - 4/21/04
(recorded 4/21/04 @ 12:49:25 AM)
Well, i know I shouldn't really be doing this, as I don't want to be compulsive with this, and I really don't know how many people here A.) Use emulation, B.) Read this journal, and C.) Really give a damn about whether or not this is pertinent information. In any case, I will just give you allll a link to the best news I've heard all day, even though it happend like four months ago....

Read it if you want, as it made me feel all funny inside....Like the center of a Caramello. But yes, that's about it...And I enter my delerium (read: 'I'm gonna stay up for 24+ hours because I'm an idiot') mode. Fun stuff, I assure you.
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Links are fun! They go like this:
<a href="" target="not_here">Happy
Link Text!</a>
That would give you this:
Happy Link Text!
Make *sure* you use </a>, lest you make things suck.
(Note: the "link place" was changed to E2 in the actual example.)
Even more ironic was your question asking if HTML was allowed. It's funny that we always tend to ask before trying, even if we can edit and delete. I know this, because I do it all the time when working with new functions in PHP or MySQL. I'll ask people "can you do this and this" before I'll just throw it out there and try it anyway.

Silly us.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 4/21/04 3:23 AM]

I don't see anything funny about the center of a Caramello. I only see gooey delicious.

And if you feel like gooey delicious, you probably need to have a doctor check that out...

   [enlite (J:: M) 4/21/04 1:56 PM]

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