Late-Night/Heat-of-Day Oil Painting
by Esperando
(397 views) - 3/20/04
(recorded 3/20/04 @ 11:05:04 AM)
I spent last night and this morning painting. The rest of the afternoon will be spent painting too. Tfhe 4x8 board is mostly blank-- how to make a collage look good and not cheesy or dumb-blocky?

I did an "Expressionist" portrait (or at least my sorry attempt). The face is yellowy with sunken blue for eyes that don't exist. My mom didn't really like it (too much blue and jaundice yellow), but then again she never really likes the "non-traditionalist" paintings that I have done. I wasn't surprised. And once again I have another painting that has some sad quality to it. Perhaps it's the whole late-night painting thing. I don't know.

At any rate, I'm enjoying this. Painting outside in this hideous heat is interesting though. You can almost feel the paint softening and it looks shiny and fresh-painted. Is the canvas paper more flimsy or is it just my imagination? Is it all the yellow lensed sunglasses?

Right. I need to get back to painting. But first, some water...
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Send me some photos of your stuff, okay?

Much love.

::at your service::
   [bondservant (J) 3/20/04 11:09 AM]

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