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by The Architect
(555 views) - 1/5/04
(recorded 1/5/04 @ 7:25:12 AM)
Caught a spelling error today, so Hemos (a slashdot editor) put my name on the main page, and (per my suidicidal request) a link to here... So if you see the visitors today count get extraordinarily high, as well as the hits count, you now know why.


As Hemos put it: Time to drink from the fire hose! (UHF++!)
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awesome, where is it on the page though?

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 1/5/04 8:58 AM]

It's the article titled "DVD-Jon Completely Clear."
When I caught the link on the page, I thought that it couldn't be, but there it was.

The hosting for this site must be pretty good for it to be able to survive a slashdotting.

Remember to Salt The Fries!!!
   [SaltTheFries (J) 1/5/04 2:13 PM]

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