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User Since: 7/16/03
Journal Entries: 34
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Shouts: 7
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Latest Entry: For the Sporkster (7/14/04)
Last Seen: 9/13/05 @ 4:39:40 PM PST
Contact QuickSilver: Email: krystle_moon at yahoo dot com
AIM: xforeverkrystlex
Birthday June 6th, 1988
Location: Gilbert, AZ
QuickSilver in one sentence: I'm Blonde.
Full Bio:
Well, I'm a sophomore and I have fairly average grades. My hair is blonde and I have blue eyes. I guess you could call me tall. I like to be around lots of people and I can be very talkative if we're on the right subject. I'm a total video game freak and I love anime.

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Where is QuickSilver headed,
What is QuickSilver doing?
Nowhere, Nothing
Motto: I'm not weird, just special.
Turn Ons: Tallness (is that a word?!), great smiles, a sense of humor, and intelligence.
Turn Offs: idiots, slobs, and people who whine non-stop
Hobbies, skills, interests: I like DDR, anime, RPG's, and FOOD!

I'm very good at writing and drawing
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Listening to: the lawn mower
Watching: The computer screen
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