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User Since: 6/26/03
Journal Entries: 100
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Latest Entry: wishes (10/16/08)
Last Seen: 8/19/09 @ 4:09:05 AM PST
Contact delphian: Email: trudelphic at hotmail dot com
AIM: truDelphic
Y!: truDelphic
Birthday February 18th, 1988
Location: Chandler
delphian in one sentence: One sentence, thats all I get?!
Full Bio:
slacker through and though, I am not a pessimistic person because being a pessimistic wouldn't work anyway. Doesn't know a single thing about computer code all i know is it just works and thats fine by me. Extremely artistic, and fun to talk to with my masive intelect, but bad spelling habits.
Where is delphian headed,
What is delphian doing?
headed somewhere, doing something
Motto: originality is the ability for one to hide their resources.
Turn Ons: making me laugh.
and laughing at my jokes.
Turn Offs: country music.
morphine; allergic to the stuff.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Skills:Few and limited, great behind a camera. can fix hardware issues, not so many software ones...

Hobbies: R/C cars
various card games,
video games(if i have time)

What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: lots of music.
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